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[Anne Cecelia Holmes] ↠´ Dead Year [mali PDF] Read Online ✓ I Unfold Old Terror Until It Is A Landmark, Dead Year Begins, And It Is Through These Landmarks That We Watch Our Speaker Construct, Then Attempt To Annihilate A Threatening Past This Is The Other End Of Trauma This Is The Tumbling Act Of Survival It Is Bloody, It Is Bitter, And It Won T Let Go These Poems Are The Bellows Of Someone Whose Narrative Was Once Not Her Own Now, Not Only Does She Work To Own This Narrative, But She Sets It On Fire In Front Of You You Can Shatter And Come Back But Who Will You Speak To Now She Asks I Am Astonished I Am A Listener Here Gale Marie Thompson, Author Of SOLDIER ON Tupelo Press When The Speaker In Dead Year Says, Perhaps This Makes Me A Villain But Think Of It An Act Of Devotion We Know Her Only Villainy Is In Taking The Private, The So Called Unsayable, And Shouting Look At This Pain, This Mess She Shouts, Here I Am Imprecisely Rebuilding My Life Because This Is A Voice Reclaimed A Voice Once Silenced And Deadened That Relearns Its Agency Through Bitter Force The Speaker Tells Us Believe Me I Do Not Believe In Resurrection But Her Force Makes Us Believe, A Little This Is A Poetics Of Threat A Poetics Of Reassembling The Movements Of The Poems Are Visceral The Words Hurt The Way Re Growing Broken Bones Can Hurt Like Anne S First Book, The Jitters, Dead Year Works Through The Phenomenon Of Emotions Arisen As Physical Sensation The Poems Are Tactile The Body In It Is Raw, Blown Open, Exposed She Writes, I Am Having A Little Miscarriage For Myself She Writes Us A Poetics Of Survival A Poetics Of Killing What Needs Killing Once A Raccoon Died Underneath My House And There Was No Ignoring Its Necrosis Wafting Up Through The Floorboards Like That Raccoon, Dead Year Burrows Into Me And Won T Let Go It Shouldn T Let Go It Demands Attention Caroline Cabrera, Author Of FLOOD BLOOM And THE BICYCLE YEAR HNGMN books Micro blurb a trembling grimoire of triumphant reversals that tames every agony.

Anne Cecelia Holmes

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