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[Dodie Smith] ï I Capture the Castle [feminism PDF] Read Online ï Through Six Turbulent Months Of ,Year Old Cassandra Mortmain Keeps A Journal, Filling Three Notebooks With Sharply Funny Yet Poignant Entries About Her Home, A Ruined Suffolk Castle, And Her Eccentric And Penniless Family By The Time The Last Diary Shuts, There Have Been Great Changes In The Mortmain Household, Not The Least Of Which Is That Cassandra Is Deeply, Hopelessly, In Love 1.
99 Kindle sale, Dec 18, 2018 4 stars Recommended if you like historical, coming of age fiction I had never heard of I Capture the Castle until a friend gave it an extremely strong recommendation Dodie Smith is the author of The 101 Dalmatians the original basis for the Disney movie, and the only reason I was familiar with her name , which I read many years ago and really enjoyed.
This 1948 novel is about an intelligent 17 year old girl, Cassandra Mortmain, who lives in semi genteel but crushing poverty in mid 1930s England, in a dilapidated castle Cassandra has ambitions of becoming an author like her father Her story is told in the form of her journal entries, as she practices her writing skills to try to learn to capture the castle, as well as the people in her life, in her writing.
Cassandra skillfully describes her father s distance an This is going to be the shortest review I ve written on this site in a while The reason I m going to keep it short is because no description could possibly do justice to this quintessentially English coming of age story which ranks among the most pleasant surprises I ve had, book wise A summary would make it sound slight, trite and predictable, all of which it is, and would not reflect the fact that it s also funny as hell, charismatic, deliciously eccentric, Austenesque and so utterly charming that I quite literally had sore cheeks after reading it because I couldn t stop smiling at the delightful nonsense the incomparable Cassandra Mortmain spilled out on the pages I m not exaggerating here this book will charm the pants off you, especially if you happen to have two X chromosomes and a bad case of Anglophilia It s what would happen if an early twentieth century Jane Austen were to That s right I really liked it And I m not ashamed to admit it Now, would you please excuse me while I go read Hemingway and then kill something with my bare hands.
Dear I Capture the Castle,What to say, what to say Hard to put down all the feelings To put it simply you did everything right The characterization like flowers slowly blooming The story like seasons changing, invisibly but inevitably The romance made both heartfelt and utterly, often infuriatingly real The details, oh the details I was put right into this world and right into Cassandra s head And the charm You are such a charming book so amusing and so sweet tempered yet with a certain saltiness as well, and a sharp tang Head in the clouds feet firmly planted on earth You are a love letter to the past and to writing and to what makes a home and to young people with all of their future ahead of them and older people who have all of their future ahead of them You are a love letter to With many of my favorite books I can still remember the person who put a copy in my hands Matilda was given to me for my 8th birthday by my stepdad, the title Pride and Prejudice scribbled on a piece of paper and handed to me by my young must ve been straight out of college 7th grade English teacher she gave me the paper and sent me to the library to find it, and I still remember sitting in that classroom taking in the opening page with grand delight.
I hadn t ever heard of I Capture the Castle until Stephanie handed me a yellowed beaten up well loved copy To keep At least, I think it was for keeps was it Stephanie I still have it if you need it back I was about to leave for France I saved the book for the trip, started it in Bretagne in a little loft bedroom and couldn t put it down read it late at night when everyone el i found this book to alternate between delightful and infuriating.
here is the delightful images of the english countryside and the crumbling, fantastic castle cassandra s optimism and intelligence pre simon perfect descriptions of peaceful, contemplative momentsand here is the infuriating cassandra s father a supposed genius but in reality a sexist, abusive, loathsome, distant fellow he appears sporadically to ignore his children, leave his wife lonely, make everyone question his sanity and demand his supper from the ladies of the house the frustrating part of this character is that his terrible behavior is overlooked and often glorified when he should be taken to task i spent a good part of this book longing for someone to throw h This novel was darn near perfect.
Cassandra her family inhabit a castle in conditions of extreme poverty Cassandra captures both her family s character their eccentric life style beautifully in her journals a very rare example of a diary narration working Different styles depths of love are explored I will never be persuaded that Cassandra s father is a likeable or even admirable character, but genius is often uncomfortable to be around.
A chance to enter a long vanished world that should not be missed.
My name is Cassandra Mortmain, I know it sounds made up but it s true I m 17 and bright as a button and never been kissed because it s the 1930s My family are effortlessly bohemian, we all live in a crumbling castle oh yes, quite literally and we have no money at all and we have only barely heard of the twentieth century How poor we are since father stopped earning any money He used to be a genius but now he does crosswords We eat the occasional potato and scrape plaster off the walls for pudding We have thought of cooking one of our dogs but that would not do Also, something you should be aware of, although you will find out pretty soon I believe, is that I suffer from acute logorrhoea, which is a debilitating condition that impels its victim to write a never e Dodie Smith s I Capture the Castle is a charming and surprising read I was enchanted by the first paragraph, but never did I imagine that it would be the sort of book that left me speechless at the end in awe and contemplative and wanting to readbut knowing that anything else I picked up just wouldn t feel right.
The narrator, who is consciously attempting to capture in her journal her family s eccentric and impoverished life in their unfurnished, deteriorating castle home, is simply enchanting The book is very much about writing the seventeen year old protagonist Cassandra aspires to be a writer and her strange father rose to fame through the art and Smith weaves a tale full of wit and charm As I read, I was struck by the tension between my desire to read quickly to watch the

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[Dodie Smith] ï I Capture the Castle [feminism PDF] Read Online ï pamyatnik.pro Born Dorothy Gladys Smith in Lancashire, England, Dodie Smith was raised in Manchester her memoir is titled A Childhood in Manchester She was just an infant when her father died, and she grew up fatherless until age 14, when her mother remarried and the family moved to London There she studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and tried for a career as an actress, but with little success.