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[ Read Online Fröken Julie Þ muscovy PDF ] by August Strindberg ↠´ Gender and SocietyStrindberg s play, Fr ken Julie, from 1888 focuses on gender and society in late 19th century Sweden Even though it is quite brief it brings a lot of fire to these topics so I can see why it gained such prominence at the time Even today it seems to be one of the works that Strindberg is recognized for abroad together with his other plays even though I personally favor his novels and stories to a much greater extent The latter are generally not translated into English or are OOP I sense a very negative view of womanhood in Strindberg s writing Based on his life as well as this particular play it appears as if he favors bright and able women, but simultaneously view such individuals to hate men by default I suspect he had some bad experiences that clashed with his own narcissism and manhood in hi Very modern in terms of how short lived a love affair between high on harmones youngsters was.
Boy meets girl, boy seduces girl, boy plans to elope with girl, boy wrings girl s pet bird s neck, boy changes his mind, girl kills herself For some reason, Hollywood have never wholeheartedly embraced this formula I can t imagine why not My late grandmother in law was an amazing, larger than life character, who looked as though she d stepped straight out of Fanny och Alexander Her family was distantly related to that of Strindberg s first wife, and, until the day she died, she steadfastly refused to read any of his books, because he behaved so badly towards poor Siri von Essen Harriet was born in 1899, when von Essen was 48 I m not sure if they ever met I wish I d asked her What did I just read Okay, first of all this was required reading for my course in university I would have never read this play voluntarily This was a disaster I know many authors of the past were misogynic in a subtle or not so subtle waySometimes I can ignore it, in cases like this one I cannot Not with a foreword almost as long as the damned play itself After three pages of the foreword the reader gets an insight into the inner world of Strindberg who was basically a misogynic dumbfuck, repeatedly uses the word stunted when talking about women and who incorporates everything he hates about women in the main character Julie Right Not that her opponent is any better A walking talking insult to all men If, at least, he was interesting But he wasn t Both he an Julie acted like fucking retards No Just no It is such a waste of time.
The modern mind rebels instantly against the extreme misogyny expressed in the preface to this play Strindberg may be typical of his time the play was written in 1888 but he comes across as a man without any understanding of the reality of humanity Stating that women, who he ranks with the uneducated and children, are incapable of full understanding and making a plea for the development of humankind into creatures who eschew emotion, he reveals himself as a man only half alive to the wonders of our species.
The play tells the story of a high ranking woman who has an affair with a servant It has, of course, to be read with the s of its period in mind At the time, and in the land in which it is set, ultra conservatism would make her sin intolerable and render her reaction to it wholly understandable I nevertheless found his chara

It had strong langugae,the form,layout of the play was well done The story was pretty shallow,not much of a story really It was only two characters with over the top feelings screaming at each other That sounds like many great plays but you needquality,depth than this.
In the foreward Strindberg says he wanted the characters to be characterless It felt too much like the main female character was only a way to write his views on how a woman of his times should not be Jean the male main character haddepth,motive he was a person while she was only a symbol of everything that is wrong with a woman in the writers eyes.
It is difficult and quite uncomfortable to read and write a review for a writer was is famous for his open misogyny and especiallydifficult for someone who is a feminist and a woman You might then say, then why read the play The answer to this is that I had to read the play as the dramatics society of where I work was putting up a performance of the same play However, that is not when I got around to reading it, that was last year and as you can see I have read play the six months later and that too on and around Midsummer that is when the action of the play takes place I firmly believe that one reads a particular book or watches a particular movie when one is supposed to, not before, nor later Now, after having read the play, I have as you seen given it three stars and I found it to be alright Just a This thoroughly nasty play works very well on the stage even with less than stellar casts Do not read Miss Julie Go and see it performed productions are still quite frequent.
If nothing is available then download one of the versions available on Netflix A new Miss Julie movie with Colin Farrell is coming in the Fall.
Miss Julie an aristocracic woman that expresses the social Diseases common in many of the families of her class, still recovering from a broken engagement an engagement ruined because of her attempt to train her fianc like a dog , flirting in a moment of despair her servant Jean ,she takes an adventure of uncalculated results,Jean seduce Julie telling a heart breaking story of his childhood love to her,after their love affair ,Jean rejects her and confesses that he has deceived her, leaving her to her disgraceJulie kept having afrequent dream ,that symbolize the desires of her own fall As All The Great Dramatists Since The Greek Tragedians Have Known, Class And Gender Roles Continue To Remain The Two Fundamental Determinants Of The Social Fabric Of Any Culture Even One, Like Our Own, In Which The Boundaries Of Those Identities Have Become Fluid, Situational And TransitoryDavid French S Adaptation Of August Strindberg S Disturbing And Enduring Drama Of The Transgressive Affair Between The Daughter Of A Count And The Count S Man Servant Has An Eerie Feel Of The Contemporary About It In This Adaptation Of Miss Julie, French Has Sharpened The Psychodramas Of The original Scenes Of Conflict, Desire, Anger, Jealousy, Coercion, Manipulation, Exploitation, Arrogance, Dominance, Submission And Deceit And Backgrounded The Historical Elements Of The Play Which Have Made It A Favourite Period Piece Of The Repertory Theatre Circuit His Revisioning Of Miss Julie Foregrounds The Ruptures Of Identity And Faith That Ambition And Desire Eternally Work In Their Rending Of Social Norms, Strictures And Conventions, And He Has Re Enacted Them In A Contemporary Idiom And Vernacular That Virtually Cries Out For The Casting Call Of A Paris Hilton To Play The Lead RoleAs With His Adaptation Of Chekhov S The Seagull, David French, One Of Canada S Best Loved Playwrights, Has Here Once Again Paid Homage To One Of The Enduring Masters Who Have Brought To The Stage The Most Elemental And Universal Dramas Of The Human Condition

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[ Read Online Fröken Julie Þ muscovy PDF ] by August Strindberg ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Johan August Strindberg was a Swedish writer, playwright, and painter Along with Henrik Ibsen, S ren Kierkegaard, Selma Lagerl f and Hans Christian Andersen he is arguably the most influential and famous of all Scandinavian authors Strindberg is known as one of the fathers of modern theatre His work falls into two major literary movements, Naturalism and Expressionism He is widely read in Swed