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[ Pdf Zur Genealogie der Moral. Eine Streitschrift ✓ yuri PDF ] by Friedrich Nietzsche Ä When I was an undergraduate, I tried some Nietzsche I read BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, THE GAY SCIENCE and THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY This was reading that I did on my own and not as part of a class I don t remember how I chose those books, but I can report now with no embarassment that my reading was superficial and that I did not genuinely understand much, if any, of it More surprisingly, I did not like Nietzsche He is too much work He uses words in idiosyncratic ways that are confusing and force multiple re readings He relies on clever aphorisms and allegories that seem calculated to appear profound, but always remain at least partly unexplained He is not expositive He rarely asserts a proposition and then defends it with evidence and reason in the conventional way Instead, he asserts something and generally cannot be bothered to defend it He would rather discuss the cons The Genealogy of Morals is articulated in three dissertations the good and the bad , the resentment and the ascetic ideals It seems that this essay is one of the most accessible of Nietzsche Nevertheless, this reading turns out to be very interesting and at first very remarkable for the style Mr Nietzsche knew, without any doubt, how to handle the words I will not engage in a long criticism impure reason but some points of the argument tickle me, when others convince me.
I understand the distinction between the morality of slaves a morality of resentment towards the masters and that of the masters However, the author never raises the question of the legitimacy of the dominant dominated relationship and t A Genealogy Of Morality Is Nietzsche S Most Important Work On Morality A Polemical Contribution To Moral And Political Theory, It Traces The History Of Concepts Such As Guilt, Responsibility, And Justice, Offering Insight Into Nietzsche S Assessment Of Modern Times As The Epoch Of Nihilism This Volume Contains New Translations Of The Genealogy And The Greek State And Sections From Other Of Nietzsche S Work To Which He Refers Within It Human All Too Human, Daybreak, The Joyful Science, And Beyond Good And Evil .
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Imagine that you are in a nameless suburb, say California for example, and you stumble home drunk on bad whiskey and stoned off of cheap weed This is purely hypothetical You hover over the toilet and puke up the bad whiskey and some nameless food substance The next morning you sit on the toilet reading this book You read the lines the complete and definitive victory of atheism might free mankind of this whole feeling of guilty indebtedness towards its origin, its causa prima Atheism and a kind of second innocence belong together You fall over laughing and underline the line in red ink You underline yourself in red ink There is no god You puke on the floor and fall in it laughing Suburban America and a second innocence You can t stop laughing at this point.
On The Genealogy of Morals is made up of three essays, all of which question and critique the value of our moral judgments based on a genealogical method whereby Nietzsche examines the origins and meanings of our different moral concepts.
The first essay, Good and Evil, Good and Bad contrasts what Nietzsche calls master morality and slave morality Master morality was developed by the strong, healthy, and free, who saw their own happiness as good and named it thus By contrast, they saw those who were weak, unhealthy, and enslaved as bad, since their weakness was undesirable By contrast, the slaves, feeling oppressed by these wealthy and happy masters, called the masters evil, and called themselves good by contrast.
The second essay, Guilt, Bad Conscience, and the like deals with surprise, surprise guilt, bad conscience, and the like Nietzsche traces the o

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[ Pdf Zur Genealogie der Moral. Eine Streitschrift ✓ yuri PDF ] by Friedrich Nietzsche Ä pamyatnik.pro Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy