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Í Slam (Completion #4) ☆ Download by Í Holly S. Roberts What Happens When You Have It All, Or Think You Do And Your World Turns Upside Down Olivia Strad, Daughter To Senator Jonathan Strad, Has One Goal In Life Win Her Fourth Grand Slam Tennis Title In As Many Years Olivia Doesn T Have Time For A Stalker Who Disapproves Of Her Less Than Modest Life Choices She Enjoys The Occasional Tennis Pro In Bed, Short Skirts, And The Chance To Free Her Wild SideHer Dreams Take A Dark Turn When Her Stalker, Known Only As Ty, Clips Her With His Van And Puts Her In The Hospital Ty Will Stop At Nothing To Possess What He CovetsEnter Bodyguard Brack Jacobs Hair Too Long, Attitude Too Uptight, And Body Too Damn HotBrack Has A Job To Do And Sleeping With A Target Is Not In The Target S Best Interest Doesn T Matter That Olivia Is Sexy As Hell And Bent On Adding A Notch To Her Bedpost With Brack S Name On ItLife Is Not As Straightforward As It Seems And Deadly Consequences Await Them BothCan Olivia Change Brack S Mind And Turn A Spark Of Desire Into A Raging Inferno Will Brack Survive The Flames Or Would Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma Am Be His Safest Bet this series started out perfectly and I was hoping this would be the same but it was just a littlehit than miss for what I was chasing It hadstory than full out chest beating alphaness which is what I was hoping for Check out my reviews here As the daughter of a prominent US Senator and four time grand slam tennis champion, Olivia Strad is used to fans of all sorts, but stalkers are a whole nother ball game When a stalker gets a little too close for comfort Olivia is forced to accept a security detail who whisk her away to a secret undisclosed location for her own safety About to attempt a fifth grand slam title, Olivia doesn t need the distractions her overbearing PITA bodyguard poses as it s hard to keep her eye on the prize when he keeps her panties in a perpetually state of wetness and her thoughts keep drifting to balls of a different sort Brack Jacobs is the best of the best when it comes to providing personal security and safety Hired by Senator Strad, his job is to safeguard the high maintenance diva daughter until her stalker is caught Not an easy task when said dau I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest review.
As the daughter of a successful and powerful senator, Olivia is determined to forge her own path And she does as a successful pro tennis play at the top of her game professionally and personally The author has created a strong willed, determined and a woman comfortable in her own skin.
Her life changes when a stalker enters her world Olivia s father hires a bodyguard for her protection The chemistry between Olivia and bodyguard Brack is undeniable from the start He is her bodyguard and extremely professional with a strong work ethic but will Brack cross the line with Olivia The author shows the reader who they are via their words and actions This fast paced read has many unexpected and shocking twis Another hit for Holly This is number 4 in her Completion Series and I think it is my favorite I fell in love with Olivia.
she is a strong woman and knows and goes after what she wants and Brack, OMG, I can picture him so clear in my mind The story is well written and totally worth reading Holly S Roberts not only post the best pictures on Facebook especially on Wednesday but she writes really good books.
Okay so with that in mind let me just say the Slam was a very enjoyable and fun read After reading Play, Strike and Kick which I have to say I learned alot about Rugby, they all part of the Completion Series and I recommend reading this series This time the main character is a woman athlete instead of a male which is a switch for the serie that I have to say was a great move for Holly to write Olivia Strad who s father is Senator Jonathan Strad hiresand he we go Brack Jacobs as Olivia s bodyguard Well if his name along doesn t give you chills wait till you read his discription as to how Holly writes him Yes Win at all costs, fuck when it feels good, keep men at arm s length This is Olivia Strad s philosophy, and even though she s in the spotlight due to her successful pro tennis career and her Senator father s protectiveness, these rules guide her and allow her the release and control she needs to maneuver through the craziness of the media, her training, and at this moment, a crazy ass stalker who wants nothingthan to claim her and won t allow anything or anyone get in his way.
With the walls closing in on her, Olivia makes a monumental mistake, and her father takes it upon himself to ensure her safety by putting Brack Jacobs in charge of his daughter s safety Brack vows to protect Olivia at all costs, but with Olivia s constant snark and sexual innuendos, her high maintenance demeanor makes Brack s job th MICHELLE S REVIEW So I am a huge fan of the COMPLETION series I read PLAY and STRIKE and just realized that I missed KICK somehow so I must immediately rectify that But I m here to tell you about SLAM Here is the number 1 reason I was excited about this book The cocky athlete in this book A lady That s right The sex crazed, hot to trot character in this book was a woman Love It.
This is the story of Olivia a tennis star who loves sex and loves tennis and doesn t apologize for either Her father is a Senator and scares everyone but Olivia But poor Olivia is living in a nightmare because a stalker is out to get her as in see her dead if he has to So her dad hires the ultimate bodyguard Brack.
Brack wants Olivia a 3.
5 Seriously Alpha Meets His Game Set Match 1 2Loving sports books, Alpha hunks, strong women, a good solid plot and I am there Slam had all the elements to interest me.
We have Olivia a tennis pro ramping up for another record breaking seasonshe comes from a family steeped in politicsher father, a revered Senator She does not always listen to him and rebelled against anyone telling her what to do since she was in her teens She is driven and only has time for training, meets and casual sexwhich is with the other tennis players on the circuit These men are safe they have as much to lose as she does if they reveal anything intimatethe publicity would kill them, too So she settles for mindless exchanges, never really feeling anything or experiencing what she really would like.
She has been getting letters and threats but not paying seri This book is very interesting It has a good mix of mystery, thriller and romance I didn t expect anything as great as this You learn from this book, you learn that sometimes fear takes over, you learn that sometimes love is blind, you learn that true passion exists not just passion for ones body but passion for ones intelligence, heart, mind, everything, you learn that even if your life is in danger if you are close to the ones you love then you can beat anything or anyone You are taught that sometimes jealousy helps you see the truth, the truth about people, the truth about those you know and love When you read this book you will see that even things don t always go as planned one way or another things will work out, just be positive, it s okay to have melt downs because t

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