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[Eugene Burdick] ✓ Fail-Safe [mental-health PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Holy shit.
I don t think I could write a coherent review if I tried Not many books actually have me gasping or yelling Oh my god out loud For a book written nearly 60 years ago, it s still packing a hell of a punch.
S,Dr Strangelove , Fail Safe , ,, ,, ,, , ,, , ,,1964.
Something Has Gone Wrong A Group Of American Bombers Armed With Nuclear Weapons Is Streaking Past The Fail Safe Point, Beyond Recall, And No One Knows Why Their Destination MoscowIn A Bomb Shelter Beneath The White House, The Calm Young President Turns To His Russian Translator And Says, I Think We Are Ready To Talk To Premier Kruschchev Not Far Away, In The War Room At The Pentagon, The Secretary Of Defense And His Aides Watch With Growing Anxiety As The Luminous Blips Crawl Across A Huge Screen Map High Over The Bering Strait In A Large Vindicator Bomber, A Colonel Stares In Disbelief At The Attack Code Number On His Fail Safe Box And Wonders If It Could Possibly Be A MistakeFirst Published In , When America Was Still Reeling From The Cuban Missile Crisis, Fail Safe Reflects The Apocalyptic Attitude That Pervaded Society During The Height Of The Cold War, When Disaster Could Have Struck At Any Moment As Countries Develop Nuclear Capabilities And The Potential For New Enemies Lurks On The Horizon, Fail Safe And Its Powerful Issues Continue To Respond I don t know what the President is doing, but whatever it is he d better be right Khrushchev isn t going to sit around forever and watch those planes move in on Moscow The whole thing rests on the President s ability to persuade Khrushchev it was an accident If he doesn t, then we re going to have all out, 100 per cent, slam bang, hell bent war That s right, isn t it, General Congressman Raskob, Fail Safe, page 206For those who are familiar with the story of Fail Safe due to the 1964 film directed by the legendary Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda in an unforgettable performance as a U.
S president who finds himself in a nuclear crisis with the Soviet Union, the book is much like the film but delves de Before there was Tom Clancy, there was books like this guesses at doomsday scenarios and nuclear Armageddon brought about by the increasing escalation in the Cold War Written in 1962, this novel, emblematic of what became an entire genre, attempt to warn us of our own impending destruction because of the out of control nuclear arms race that existed at the time While it s very preachy, it raises some good points and, if nothing else, provides a valuable look at the mindset of the time period.
The basic plot is that a group of bombers on a fairly routine mission, standing by to attack Russia in case anything goes awry, fails to receive a cancel order, and proceeds to begin an attack course to launch nukes on Moscow The majority of the action plays out in the now familiar setting of secret government war rooms with big map boards, electronics, an This novel was the 6 bestseller of 1962 It was originally serialized in three weekly issues of the Saturday Evening Post in October, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis It was an eerie and discomforting read covering a possible breakdown of technology leading to nuclear war.
Of course, that was the fear I lived under in high school That some mad man would push the button and within 24 hours we would all be fried and gone.
The book is liberally loaded with technical terms and nuclear gear, systems, etc Much was made of the psychology behind military commanders It gives a look into the secret bunkers and procedures for dealing with threats, attacks, and technical hitches All of that was as fascinating to me as it must have been to the American public at the time.
The scenes where the President obviously Kennedy though his name was never used and Krushchev are on the top secret ph read the book, as with a few others, shortly after seeing the movie the first time it was shown on TV in the 60 s As usual there was a bitin the book than would fit on the screen and parts that are nearly unfilmable It is certainly a striking premise that a president would do what the fictional president does in this book to avert an all out exchange, a prospect that only continued to grow in horror for the next twenty years or so after the book came out as the stockpile of warheads rapidly grew and increasingly sophisticated methods of delivery were developed withand better submarines in addition to ICBM s and all combined with MIRV technology The story line here is a proper use of literary license but I do not believe even under circumstances exactly equivalent to the setting here al

I think that On the Beach, Alas Babylon, and Fail Safe, are, in essence, a bit of a trilogy You have the beginning, the middle, and the end I liked Fail Safe, it gives you a lot to think about, and although it was written in the 50 s I still think it s relevant We do put entirely too much faith in machines, andrecently we have had the advent of social media to throw into the mix We bow down to our technological gods and worship our iPhones and Alexas The idea of a nuclear war being started by technological error seemslikely today than it ever would in the 50 s, so I think this book only really becomes MORE relevant As technology becomesadvanced andcomplex it just leads tothings that could go wrong I wonder how many times so many things have gone wrong at once that something like this could have happened Love the front cover graphics on Fail Safe, admittedly that s what drew me to it, but this war thriller is just as vivid and evocative in its content as it is in its cover It s an exciting story that will have any reader questioning the world around them.
Thank you demotivationalposters I couldn t have said it better myself.
Fail Safe was originally written in 1962 a time of terrible uncertainty when it comes to nukes and the cold war That s the same year as the Cuban Missile Crisis This was also the height of the MAD doctrine and while maybe classroom teachers were betting on the desks, I think I d be betting on the bomb.
It s difficult to recreate feelings in history We resort to relying on our own experiences and perspective and casting them on past events Not having lived through the Cold War, I apply a muted post 9 11 fear over the entire era to capture the mood But they can only be similar Not having lived through it, I can never know Knowing the outcome of the Cold War, it may be easy to trivialize its place in history as inconsequential but that s just Monday morning quarterbacking.
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[Eugene Burdick] ✓ Fail-Safe [mental-health PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ pamyatnik.pro Eugene Burdick was an American Political Scientist and co author of The Ugly American 1958 , Fail Safe 1962 and The 480 1965.He was born in Sheldon, Iowa His family moved to Los Angeles, California, when he was age 4 Burdick attended Stanford University and Oxford University where he earned a Ph.D degree in psychology, and he worked at the department of Political Science at the University