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Download Epub Format Á The Feminine Mystique PDF by ð Betty Friedan i don t think i ve ever seen the word beatnikery in print before.
i think the reason to read this book is to gain an understanding of feminism in the mid century Zietgiest It gave me some things to think about, despite being hopelessly outdated and terribly repetitive i was particularly intrigued by the idea that manufacturers would want to keep women bored and at home in order to sell themconsumer goods As a full time career woman in Ms Friedan s parlance i find i can still manage to spend obscene amounts of money on my home, clothes, shoes, car, entertainment, travel, etc If there was a marketing conspiracy to keep women in the home, it doesn t seem to have been well founded, but the suggestion has caused me to I was born in 1959 and when this came out originally in 1963, I was 4 years old I went to school in Atlanta in the 1960 s and 1970 s When I was in elementary school grades 1 7 from fall of 1965 to June of 1972, I was struck by the differences between other women and my mother For example, every single one of the other moms of the kids in my classes from 1st to 7th grade were housewives While those moms cooked, cleaned, raised kids, gossiped with each other, and volunteered to give class parties, my own mother worked She and my father owned a bookstore and my mother worked full time My dad was the only dad picking up his kid at my elementary school which fascinated the other mothers who came to pick up theirs I had a nanny, a lovely black woman named Ruth who was

What struck me the most when I read this as a teenager and this was the first of its genre I read was how, in excruciatingly familiar detail, it described my mother God rest her soul, I didn t appreciate it at the time and it didn t make me any less of a brat Her life had been a life typical of many women that entered the workforce during WWII Instead of marrying when the war ended, she stayed on and attained a position of prominence for a woman at that time She married very late, at age 29, and overnight went from the life of an independent woman with a busy career in a big city, to a full time small city housewife I believed then and I believe now that to succumb willingly to a life of, let s face it, servitude and domesticity, with a sudden, tot Reading this book is bittersweet for me Every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter, I m cheering Friedan on At first, I kept thinking, If only I d read this when I was a teenager in the early 1970s, it would have saved me a lot of grief the years I spent looking for men to save me, to give me an identity If I d read it back then, maybe I would have recognized the wretched inequalities in my world The book so clearly depicts the ideals of my mother and of many women of her generation born in the 1920s And because of my mother s firm belief in The Feminine Mystique woman born for man s purposes , I was trained by her to believe that this was the only way to be a women in the world Realistically, if I d read TFM in my Southern Baptist youth, I m sure I would have rebelled against it, finding those scriptures that r I am very grateful for all the things Betty Friedan did so that I was raised in a less sexist world That being said, this book was pretty bad for two main reasons First, Friedan writes emotionally rather than rationally She does not appeal to my rational brain but rather attempts to manipulate me emotionally by painting a very dramatic portrait that pins Every Problem Ever on women staying home with the kids Friedan has to resort to this style of emotional fluff that I find very boring because of her failure to researchthoroughly her subject which led to her failure to grasp the bigger picture She needed to study the history of women s rights for two thousand years, not one hundred She needed to study the history of family life for at least a thousand years to understand why women are home with the kids Then she would have w The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan is an iconic book that relentlessly changed the way the American woman saw herself, until its first publication in 1963 Feministic in a good way, without the morbid extravaganza other reads of that type hold, it s relevant even now and if you don t choose to believe so, at least you can appreciate it as a historical document In my opinion the above statement holdstruth than any other quote about gender equality every did Of course not all of her suggestions are correct, or well examined Many of her points are dislodged to the extremity of becoming eerie representations of what it might have been at first as an idea But no one can be so foolish as to ignore the masterful and underrated u Have you ever read one of Richard Yates s novels such as Revolutionary Road and said Gaaaawwwwwd, he s a great writer, but why d he have to make it so depressing The Feminine Mystique will show you that he was accurately portraying the despair and feeling of entrapment many married women were experiencing in post WWII America 4.
5 stars Hard to rate because it s often needlessly wordy and overlong in general, but her extensive research and groundbreaking at the time information warrant a high rating A fascinating overview of American women throughout various periods of history.
I read excerpts from The Feminine Mystique at university, and have wanted to read entire book for a few years now While this book is still important and highlights the ways in which sociology, higher ed, economy hell, even architecture betrayed women, for every positive post it note I found something problematic I would love to see addressed in a footnote or the foreword, which will probably never happen in my lifetime Sorry for focusing on the bad and the ugly, but this book already has many good reviews and my qualms go beyond I am a happy SAHM and strongly disagree tone of many negative ones.
1 I love my job and returned to it with tires metaphorically screeching at the end of my maternity leave But even I don t b The Book That Changed The Consciousness Of A Country And The WorldLandmark, Groundbreaking, Classic These Adjectives Barely Describe The Earthshaking And Long Lasting Effects Of Betty Friedan S The Feminine Mystique This Is The Book That Defined The Problem That Has No Name, That Launched The Second Wave Of The Feminist Movement, And Has Been Awakening Women And Men With Its Insights Into Social Relations, Which Still Remain Fresh, Ever Since A National Bestseller, With OverMillion Copies Sold Such a revolutionary work for its age I feel thankful that Betty Friedan had the guts to publish this feminist manifesto and give voice to the dissatisfaction of so many women around her Keep in mind The Feminine Mystique s publication date now, it may seem obvious that women are so muchthan placid housewives and subservient sex objects, but back in early twentieth century America, they still faced blatant sexism masked under messages about how to maintain a family I still see these issues play out today, such as when my female friends and I worry about being too emotional or not attractive intelligent interesting etc enough for a guy to text us back both of these concerns constructed by the patriarchy Check out this cool quote on seeing through The Feminine Mystique To face the problem is not to solve it But once a woman faces it, as wmen are doing all over America with

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Download Epub Format Á The Feminine Mystique PDF by ð Betty Friedan Betty Friedan was an American feminist, activist and writer, best known for starting what is commonly known as the Second Wave of feminism through the writing of her book The Feminine Mystique.