à Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ ↠´ Download by è Lew Wallace

à Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ ↠´ Download by è Lew Wallace Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ, Lewis Lew Wallace, New York Grosset Dunlap, 1908 , 491 P.
Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ is a novel by Lew Wallace published by Harper Brothers on November 12, 1880, and considered the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century It became a best selling American novel, surpassing Harriet Beecher Stowe s Uncle Tom s Cabin 1852 in sales The book also inspired other novels with biblical settings and was adapted for the stage and motion picture productions Ben Hur remained at the top of the US all time bestseller list until the publication of Margaret Mitchell s Gone with the Wind 1936 The 1959 MGM film adaptation of Ben Hur was seen by tens of millions and won eleven Academy Awards in 1960, Historical fiction as a genre was first developed by the writers of the Romantic school, which arose around the end of the 18th century the Romantics were drawn by the exoticism of historical settings and the drama of epochal events, and even of daily life in a time was life was wilder anddangerous Lew Wallace s masterwork stands squarely in this tradition, but takes it in a new direction For the first couple of Romantic generations, history largely meant European history Biblical history, outside of the text of the Bible itself, simply wasn t that well known archaeology was in its infancy, and neither writers or readers could really imagine the Biblical world as it actually was.
By 1880, however, scholarship had pulled back the curtain of obscurity enough to bring to light the basic contours of that ancient and Near Easte Is not his the law, Eye for eye, hand for hand, foot for foot Oh, in all these years I have dreamed of vengeance, and prayed and provided for it, and gathered patience from the growing of my store, thinking and promising, as the Lord liveth, it will one day buy me punishment of the wrong doersWho s in for a revenge tale set in the first century a.
C Ben Hur is a man who s perfectly happy He has a mother and a sister who love him, and he s friends with a Roman, and that puts him in a position of privilege All is well until one day he killed a Roman governor It was an accident, but no one believes him He s desperate, yet he can do nothing.
But wait, he has a friend Messalla who can help him Too bad he betrays him and sends him to the galleys in a life sentence.
Obviously, Ben Hur is angry His life has been completely ruined He will ne

Out of that vast tomb Christianity issued to supersede the CaesarsBen Hur is one of those classic works better recognised for its many adaptations To this end it seems fair to compare it to another highly similar work Les Miserables Both are classic historical fiction works which use history to spread themes and ideas about humanity as a whole Both novels also regularly divert from the storytelling to provide detailed insights into history This is perhaps where Ben Hur is stronger than Les Miserables in that as a novel it works historical detail better into the plot However, Les Miserablesmessage of grace and redemption holds as much power as this tale, if not .
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Look, that is not a criticism it s simply a fact I had trouble acclimating myself to the period writing.
Also I suspect most reading this will have seen the Charlton Heston film It will be almost impossible not to compare the two Let me say therefore that I like the movie and have seen it enough to have favorite parts That said there are significant differences in the book and movie s there are a couple other movies of the same book The Ben Hur A Tale Of The ChristBy Lew Wallace Is One Of The Most Popular And Beloved Th Century American Novels This Faithful New Testament Tale Combines The Events Of The Life Of Jesus With Grand Historical Spectacle In The Exciting Story Of Judah Of The House Of Hur, A Man Who Finds Extraordinary Redemption For Himself And His FamilyA Classic Of Faith, Fortitude, And Inspiration The first sign that I should not have read this book was the discrepancy in hours between the abridged and unabridged versions on audible Unabridged 21 hours, Abridged 3 hours I bought it anyway and soon discovered why There s about 15% story and 85% fluff in Ben Hur It is, hands down, the best argument for editing I have ever read For example, there was a section in the beginning where two men embraced That s all we need to know, right No, no Of course not We have to hear that they threw their right arm around each other, keeping the left to the side as was custom at that time They then touched chins to each other s shoulder, withdrew and did the same thing on the other side all the while smiling and wishing each other well.
That might not seem so bad But when ever Excellent novel, weak theology.

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à Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ ↠´ Download by è Lew Wallace Lewis Lew Wallace was a lawyer, governor, Union general in the American Civil War, American statesman, and author, best remembered for his historical novel Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ.From Civil War Biography Although he would have much preferred to be remembered as a highly successful military hero, Lew Wallace has been thwarted in this ambition and is best known as an author Born in Indiana