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Trailer å The Hazel Wood PDF by Ñ Melissa Albert De Zeventienjarige Alice Heeft Het Grootste Deel Van Haar Leven Samen Met Haar Moeder Reizend Doorgebracht Om Het Ongeluk Voor Te Blijven Wanneer Haar Oma, Auteur Van Een Duister Sprookjesboek, Op Haar Landgoed Het Hazelwoudoverlijdt En Haar Moeder Wordt Ontvoerd Door Een Figuur Die Zegt Dat Hij Uit Hinterland De Wereld Van Haar Oma S Verhalen Komt, Zit Er Maar N Ding Op Ze Moet Hulp Vragen Aan Super Hinterland Fan Ellery Finch En Afreizen Naar Het Hazelwoud Zal Ze Er Daar Achter Komen Hoe H R Verhaal Begon this is the first book that has made me think that the author statements praise on the back cover are completely made up i mean, unless i have a defect copy, the fact that stephanie garber, karen mcmanus, seanan mcguire AND jennifer niven all adored this is highly suspicious, because this story is a hot mess.
reading this the plot specifically reminded me of every time i have to untangle my headphones it only becomes and of a mess until i get so frustrated and i throw them across the room i thought that if i continued reading, the plot would become clear and make sense, but instead it became muddled and absurd i also had issues with the lack of character development, inconsistent world building, and erratic pacing overall, this is just a really poor execution of Did her insides match her outsides Was the way my life dripped off me like water, barely leaving a mark, normalOkay, so this was not a book for me I really wish I hadn t received an arc of The Hazel Wood and had instead waited for reviews to roll in first The blurb makes it sound exactly like the kind of dark fairy tale goodness I love, but if someone had accurately explained that this is a book about a girl called Alice who gets sent to Wonderland the Hinterland where she meets tweedle dee and tweedle dum many colourful characters who talk in riddles, and she finds herself doing bizarre and random things like attending an unbirthday party singing Smells Like Teen Spirit and Landslide in a Tudor style pub well, I d have passed I ve already read Alice in Wonderland Once was enough.
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It s time for another unpopular opinion review This book was literally the single biggest reading disappointment of the year for me I really wanted to love this story It was being marketed as a twisted fairytale, and those are my aesthetic for sure the spookier and darker, the better but this fell short in so many ways Please remember that these are just my opinions You are than welcome to disagree or tell me your thoughts, but please do so respectfullyI wanted that distance I wanted that uncaring, here s your blood and guts and your fucked up happy ending fairy tale voicegenre marketing writing Marketing led me to believe that this was going to be the typical high fantasy world we see in fairytales My first disappointment was in learning that the setting was modern day New 4.
5 Thoughts tk at some point when I have time, sorry

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