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☆ Breaking Character ✓ Download by ☆ Lee Winter ARC Generously provided by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a honest review Don t be afraid to take risks or to put yourself on the page.
Who you are is what will make both your writing and story special.
Don t think.
Thinking is the enemy of creativity For any reader who loves a good story or combine with a peek at some of the incredible experiences from a behind the scenes perspective and storyline tidbits that give a look into the filmmaking process, Breaking Character has lots of it From the fairy tale way that both leads Elizabeth Summer got their parts to the improbable scope of some soapbox project and the gradual way that both were taken with each other It s rare that an actress embodies even one memorable character over the arc of a career both Elizabeth Summer have managed to create two in this refreshingly written story And what al Whelp, I m officially upset that I m done reading this book For me, give me a great ice queen character or a fauxmance as a theme, and I m immediately interested in the book With Breaking Character, readers don t just get one, but we get BOTH themes in the same novel, topped off with the fact that Winter is a top tier author I was shamelessly 100% invested the moment I saw the blurb, and this book completely lived up to my expectations.
I absolutely adored both of the MCs, and completely believed them as a couple The side characters were wonderful too I really loved that MC Elizabeth the A list British Bitch actress was portrayed as an ice queen to the world, but somehow even from the beginning, she let MC Summer see glimpses of the person underneath the facade I could feel myself loving Elizabeth s character and as the chapters went on.
And MC Summer, the happy go lucky, wide eyed, alw

I ve never been disappointed by a Lee Winter book, but this one could be my favorite one yet This was a great story, and I read it in practically one sitting Age gap a fake relationship I m in Perfection A fabulous 5 star read Nobody writes an ice queen like Lee Winter She truly is the queen of the ice queen She builds up their walls, fortifies their heart and brings in the perfect lady to thaw all that ice I live for her writing Over the past few months I have hit a major wall with reading, nothing really piqued my interest and the books you thought would be knockouts were just meh Happens right Well, I am so glad I picked this one up because I don t care how big your funk is this book is stellar Elizabeth Thornton is dubbed as the British Bitch As the lead interest on a medical television show, you would think Elizabeth relishes her stardom and career s rise to A list level In truth, she hates the television show she stars in The stories are mundane and overly dramatic with plot twists that are too ridiculous to describe Her fame 5 stars.
Absolutely wonderful read in every sense Amazing characters, lovely story, great supporting cast All of that delivered through engaging and expertly written prose This book is definitely in my top 5 of near 300 books I ve read this year Do yourself a service and get the book right now Lesfic romance does not get any better than this.
Breaking Character is a well written, pleasant, and satisfying romance, hitting a lot of tropes in a unique way I think romance fans will really enjoy this read with one caveat.
When it comes to lesfic, a lot of fan favorites are age gaps, ice queens, Hollywood, fake relationships, good communication, and slow burn romances Winter provides all of these but with a spin For just a few examples, an age gap of nine years is made greater by Summer being a former child star and looking another five years younger than her actual age Also, the public persona of Elizabeth is that she s an ice queen but she s actually not at all and merely an introvert Summer figures this out within the first few pages and Elizabeth is never actually an ice queen to anyone I was very glad that the author didn t choose to make her pretend to be cold just to drag out the drama And usually Holly Winter s writing really just works for me I get completely involved with the characters and totally drawn in to the story She s taken a fairly common trope and made it complex and different The difference is not only the story line but also in the array of characters who all seem to take on a life of their own Even the characters being played by the characters are tangible The connection between her main characters is built and sustained even when it becomes almost too painful to continue I feel like I ve been dragged through the bush backwards at the end of most of her books but at the conclusion of this one, the feeling is amplified.
Summer Hayes didn t make her first impression on Elizabeth Thornton a good one Dousing the star in fake blood and ruining the scene might n Why did I not read this sooner I m such a sucker for fauxmances and Lee Winter did a great job writing this really slow burn I always know I m in love with a book when I keep glancing at the number of pages left and dreading it the lower that number gets I absolutely loved the way the characters were written Winter can write an ice queen like nobody s business and Elizabeth s frostiness would make ice cubes tremble in their tray I was a little worried about Summer being a bit of a pushover but was very happy to see that she had an honest to goodness backbone and could stand her ground Even the secondary characters were really fleshed out and made this book a real page turner I wasn t expecting to find anything humorous in the book but there were several moments w Life Has Become A Farcical Mess For Icy British A Lister Elizabeth Thornton America S Most Hated Villain Stars In A Top Rated TV Medical Drama That She Hates Now, She S Been Romantically Linked To Her Perky, New Co Star, Summer, Due To The Young Woman S Clumsiness As A Closeted Actress, That S The Last Thing Elizabeth Needs If She Could Just Get Her Dream Movie Role, Life Would Be So Much Better The Only Problem Is That The Eccentric French Film Maker Offering It Insists On Meeting Her Girlfriend , Summer, FirstSummer Hayes Is Devastated When Her Co Star Shuns Her For Accidentally Sparking Rumors They Re Lovers Now The So Called British Bitch Has The Audacity To Ask Summer To Pretend To Be Her Girlfriend To Get Her A Role Elizabeth Doesn T Even Like Summer Oh, How She D Love To Tell Her No And Summer Definitely Would If It Wasn T For The Fact She S Maybe A Tiny Bit In Love With The Impossible WomanA Lesbian Celebrity Romance About Gaining Love, Losing Masks, And Trying To Stick To The Script, Words I had second thoughts about picking up this book It featured not one but two of my least favorite subjects actresses and fake girlfriends The former because they re probably shallow and the latter because of the contrivance that s often involved What s , unless one has only just discovered the wonderful world of lesfic, these storylines have been done to death already by almost every other lesfic writer, especially in the last couple of years But It s a Lee Winter And there s an ice queen And unrequited love my heart flutters at the mere thought of potential angst, lol So I pressed the button and hope that Ms Winter can work her magic and turn this trite and true formula into something worth my while.
The Verdict It is Didn t knock my socks off like Requiem or rock my emotions like the Red

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