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ß The Athena Protocol ò Download by ß Shamim Sarif THIS SOUNDS FREAKING AWESOME Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperTeen for the opportunity to review TheAthenaProtocal A great spy novel for young adults It s action packed with strong female characters A first in what is to become a series I think teens will enjoy the rogue spy who faces life or death adventure It is defiantly unique for the genre of a spy novel and has a vigilante justice aspect to it.
The Athena ProtocolShamim SarifI COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN I was sent an advanced copy and I loved it Ms Sarif once again writes a page turner with strong female characters that you truly care about She pulls you in from the first page with gritty action and her interesting and powerful characters are achieving great feats, and yet are somehow relatable and women I wish to meet Ms Sarif tells a story like few can and describes each situation with such effortless detail that I almost feel that I am standing in the room myself AND THAT ENDING I will not say too much except to say that the twist took me by surprise THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

FIRST BOOK OF Shamim Sarif I HAVE read FAN FOR LIFE This is my first read of Shamim Sarif and I have already ordered her other books online I typically do not read action books but was given an advanced copy and was drawn in from the start This is such a great read fast moving and great characters I also thought I had it all figured out and knew how it would end BOY WAS I WRONG Love the ending and can t wait until the next one The Athena Protocol author Shamim Sarif 374437 holy SHIT this looks cool As you guys probably know by now, prose is a big deal to me This prose did not work for me at all Several sentences start with the word Anyway, as if it s an email that s being sent to someone Also, I m not really into war James Bourne type books, and the MC was incredibly annoying with her I m a badass female but really I m just an immature little girl, personality.
Just reviewed for SLJ Lots of fun Will post review when it is published in SLJ.
Jessie Archer Is A Member Of The Athena Protocol, An Elite Organization Of Female Spies Who Enact Vigilante Justice Around The WorldAthena Operatives Are Never Supposed To Shoot To Kill So When Jessie Can T Stop Herself From Pulling The Trigger, She Gets Kicked Out Of The Organization, Right Before A Huge Mission To Take Down A Human Trafficker In BelgradeJessie Needs To Right Her Wrong And Prove Herself, So She Starts Her Own Investigation Into The Trafficking But Going Rogue Means She Has No One To Watch Her Back As She Delves Into The Horrors She Uncovers Meanwhile, Her Former Teammates Have Been Ordered To Bring Her Down Jessie Must Face Danger From All Sides If She S To Complete Her Mission And Survive See my full review here ATHENA PROTOCOL was a fantastic YA spy thriller that pulls you in from the start Jessie is an agent of Athena, a secret organization of female spies who go around the world enacting justice For instance, the beginning of the book has her team infiltrating a camp where women are being trafficked to help get them out and capture the man who is committing these crimes However, when Jessie enacts her own brand of justice against orders she is forced to leave the organization.
Jessie is fully committed to what they do and knows that her team will not be able to do their next op without her Going undercover, she operates outside of the organization in the hopes of helping them take down a bigger target While she dodges her former teammates and infiltrates the target, Jessie must also deal with her personal feelings about the last mission, as well as her current contac

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ß The Athena Protocol ò Download by ß Shamim Sarif Born in the UK, Shamim is an award winning novelist, screenwriter, and director Her next book, The Athena Protocol, is an all female YA contemporary action thriller that is published by Harper Teen in September 2019 Her debut novel, The World Unseen, won a Betty Trask award and the Pendleton May First Novel award Shamim has adapted and directed the films of three of her novels including, most r