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Trailer Ú How to Be Remy Cameron PDF by Æ Julian Winters Having loved Running With Lions, Julian Winters debut novel, How to Be Remy Cameron was one of my most anticipated releases of the year So I was HYPED when I was approved to review an eARC of this novel through Netgalley.
My fate in life, it seems, is to read Julian Winters books in one sitting, and I m okay with that They re just perfect books to read on a rainy or sunny, because when isn t a great time to read Saturday afternoon.
Because Remy is different from his peers in a lot of ways, he s often forced to think about how those identities define him And this increases when he has to write an essay about who he is.
What I especially appreciated about this book, is how incredibly thoughtful it is There are discussions of what it actually means to be queer, how the allocishet world views queerness, and how those two things are vastly different There are ex Julian Winters does it again in this stellar follow up to Running with Lions This book made me smile, laugh, ache, and most importantly, think about how we define our place in the world.
Remy s emotional journey in this story is spurred on by confusion, but ultimately that confusion leads him to question what he believes about himself and to discover his own truth This story makes powerful statements about intersectionality, agency, and wearing the labels we own as a badge of honor that we define on our own terms.
And I think, at its heart, it s truly about a wonderful boy who deserves to be loved and known in every sense There were times when I couldn t put this book down, and I just can t wait for everyone else to experience that feeling Everyone On Campus Knows Remy Cameron He S The Out And Gay, Super Likable Guy That People Admire For His Confidence The Only Person Who May Not Know Remy That Well Is Remy Himself So When He Is Assigned To Write An Essay Describing Himself, He Goes On A Journey To Reconcile The Labels That People Have Attached To Him, And Get To Know The Real Remy Cameron 3.
75 starsRTC Wow In his second novel, Julian Winters paints a beautiful and necessary picture of what it means to be yourself and how we define who we are in a world that is determined to label you While I loved Running With Lions beyond all words, I found that How to Be Remy Cameron was somehow even better Remy Cameron is a gay, black, adopted student in high school who experiences a crisis when his AP Literature teacher gives his class an assignment to write about who they are Not only is this book beyond adorable and sweet, but it also has an important message Remy struggles to find his true identity, seeing as he feels defined by the labels others have placed upon him I think this is something everyone can relate to, so seeing Remy s journey first THIS IS COMING OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY WOW Woooow read August 6th.
Alriiiiighto Review time, friendos I say, to the no people at all watching out for my reviews Let s start with This book gave me intense feelings it deals with being labelled against one s own wishes and i m not talking about misgendering or anything, but like, being forced to acknowledge you re different from people like, when someone told five year old remy he was different because he is adopted that hit hard because it made me think of my own ways of how i was labelled as girly and prudish because of my hijab and my interests.
remy s conflict over how it all affects him without him even choosing it hit me hard because i went through the same ordeal of being thought of as something when i didn t know who i was i resented people who made up their minds about me RTC

that cover is STUNNINGupdate GUESS WHO GOT APPROVED FOR AN ARC ME MOTHERF KERS YEEEHAAAAALETS GET THIS GAY BREAD god i can t wait for julian to do right by my gay heart again with this ROM COMRTC 3.
5 stars julian winters, becky albertalli, and adam silvera are all battling to see who can reference harry potter the most in a single book and we re just letting themrtccontent warnings taken word for word from the back of the book discussions of racism, homophobia, past minor characters death, and alcoholism depictions of homophobic bullying, and a scene involving brief sexual harassment racial fetishism

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