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[ Read Online Pure Ecstasy (Pure/ Dark Ones Book 8) » young-readers PDF ] by Aja James ✓ ARC provided for honest review Ok why is this series not a bestselling one yet Seriously It needs it s own movies too, sooo good Seth is love He was just what Jade needed That bargain scene, it s one of my favorite and highlights their personalities I loved Jade from the beginning, her no nonsense attitude and her strong personality that has deep affection for some few selected Her interactions with Inanna in Dark Longing view spoiler I also find her so cute, she will kill me If she knew I called her that lol but Her smile turned wry, then disappeared with a grimace You re going to make me say it out loud, aren t you I ll sound like such a fool Those weaklings I ve always made fun of, with their heads in the clouds and when she gets shy around him She practically melts when he s near, and blushes like crazy, often tucking a strand of hair behind her With deepest gratitude to Aja James for the ARC My review wasn t influenced in any way by her generosity and thoughtfulness.
Pure Ecstasy was such a perfect title No other titles would ve worked this well I was captivated right from the start by Jade s first impression of Seth She took one look and she knew he was her ecstasy All she wanted was for him to belong to her, to be her most treasured possessionGive me ecstasy Give me youSince she was the most powerful Dark queen in the world, she should ve been able to make that happen pretty easily, right Wrong Seth tooktime falling in love with her He wasn t blinded by her seductive allure, her breathtaking and stunning beauty, or even her often times cruel dominan Jade She Is A Ruthless, Cunning Vampire Queen, The Most Powerful Amongst All The Hives In The World Beautiful, Predatory, And Alluringly Dangerous, She S A Huntress Who Revels In Blood And Sexual Pleasure Seth He Is Calm, Cool, And Level Headedness Personified, As The Most Effective Negotiator And Mediator Amongst The Pure Ones Known By The Moniker Of Monk, He Thought He Could Resist Any And All TemptationYears Ago, They Made A Deal, One That Gave The Pure Ones A Critical Advantage Against A Deadly Foe But The Price He Paid Still Haunts Him To This DayYears Ago, She Played A Delicious Game, Not Realizing Until It Was Almost Too Late, How He Changed Her Entire World Now, Common Enemies Force Their Paths To Cross Again Only This Time, The Stakes Are Higher, The Risk Is Greater, And The Love Should They Choose To Claim It Will Be Worth Every Sacrifice 4,5ecstaticstarsGive me ecstasy Give me youI ve been eagerly waiting for Seth and Jade s story since they got involved in Pure Healing I just knew that their love story will be explosive and they definitely delivered All these emotions Passion, heartbreak, lust, sadness, angst, and most importantly love, even if it was one sided at first But, of course, somewhere in the deepest part of her heart Jade loved Seth from the start, I m sure It should be obvious to everyone The only ones who didn t know were Jade and Seth Silly lovebirds Love indeed is blind The look in his eyes would be seared into her consciousness forever possessive, primitive, an intoxicating blend of agony and pleasure, strength and vulnerability I understand why Jade was 4 Pretty, Pretty Good StarsThe 7th book in the Pure Dark Ones series which is NOT a standalone you should read the books in order finally gives us the story of Seth, the Consul to the Pure Ones Queen and part of her inner circle, and Jade Cicada, the Dark Ones Queen of one of the most influential hives There has been an alliance between the two groups, much to the disapproval of many other Dark Ones who have had their sights set on overthrowing Jade, as working with the Pure Ones considered the lowest rung on the species chain as they were once the slaves of the Dark Ones is well beneath them Seth made a deal with Jade 3 years ago to advance the Pure Ones cause the price was that he would become the bloo Pure Ecstasy by Aja JamesGenres Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Suspense.
I keep starting to write my review, but apparently I am still not ready I have decided on its star rating.
75 StarsWhile I thoroughly enjoyed this one, my favorite remains book 6, Eli Clara.
I ran into a few typos.
maybe 3 or 4My Delayed Overdue Review Seth Jade has intrigued since bk 1 Pure Healing when they 1st met It is now 3 years later and they come together again, but things are Oh So Different for both of them My curiosity of what happened then was on my mind throughout reading this series Jade s other lives has been filled with brutality and horrible abuse She has NO belief in love Quite frankly, I m surprised she is understanding and caring for her people and the world she lives in Her touch can heal you or it can kill you She is extremely intelligent, but Seth is her kryptonite From the 1st Ok i know i ve said it before i ll say it again but this is my favourite book of the series Aja James drops the biggest bombshell on us before we re even half way in it s a huge , enormous bomb that leaves us with so many whys , hows omg s that it will probably take a couple of books to help us get over the shock hint hint.
This book mainly covers the previous lives future relationship of Jade Cicada Seth Tremaine two total opposites but both willing to do what needs to be done to save others from harm or pain At times Jades past almost had me in tears , used even when she believed she was the user then disposed of when no longer useful , not only a human life behind her but a Pure one now Vampire , the scars of h

I received an ARC from the Author, for an honest review Okay WOW Finally some time to write about this fabulous, sexy, pure ecstasy, orgasmic book.
Aja James is such a master mind, she has this technique when writing that I find refreshing and easy to follow If you are a PNR lover I recommend this series it s such a unique twist on vampires and elves Its kinda funny, in a previous post I wanted Aja to write about a strong female lead, since their is a greater amount of dominate male stories Then WHABAM What better dominate female then JADE CICADA, the Dark Queen This may be the first time that I ve read about a tortured heroine, I liked that she didn t let her fear or torture bring her down if anything it empowered her to continue on and never have to go through those situations again She used her wit and beauty to gain power and it was ingenious J I ll begin by saying I m going to be reading this one again and again and again Update AND I HAVE I ve lost count of the number of times I think it s my favorite in the incredible Pure Dark Ones series by Aja James tied for 1 with , and that s really saying something because I can t express how much I love this series First and foremost I love the love story that s at the heart of every novel in this series The world building, character building, plot, mysteries, all of it is wonderful and why these books are so addictive, but the love story is what keeps me coming back for , as a devourer of romance Aja James knows how to write romance It s heart wrenching, it s uplifting, it makes me ride a rollercoaster of This one is HOTT, kids P

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