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[ Pdf Wide Sargasso Sea Ë dungeons-and-dragons PDF ] by Jean Rhys Û Bertha Mason is the madwoman in the attic she is the raving lunatic that is Rochester s first wife in Jane Eyre,but have you ever stopped to wonder what her side of the story is Have you ever considered that she may have a tale to tell Jean Rhys has, and she tells it to you in all its traumatic colours Our crazy lunatic isn t that far from Jane Bronte describes her as a semi human, an animal that growls and raves as she stalks the hall of Thornfield like some unidentifiable spectre But what drove her to this state What made her this way Well the simple answer is a man named Rochester As the second son of a rich family, he needed a means of creating his own wealth What s the answer to his problem Marry some rich girl and steal all her money and not w 5 erratic, ecstatic and hypnotic stars 4th Favorite read of 2017 Tie This book is such a wonderful dark counterpoint to Jane Eyre I was inspired to write a poem rather than a review and I hope you enjoy itAntoinetteAntoinette by day, Bertha by twilightThe white cockroach of CoulibriBold BeautifulMad and Fiery as HadesDaughter of slaveowner, philanderer, villainMired in mayombe and voodooand the saints of the dark godesseson the isle of JamaicaNineteen lovers or was it ninety nineNo mattersome are real but all are imaginedas her body was built for lustprimitive and yielding to whites and blacksRochester, so refined and elegantnever to be hers but used againand again and again and againuntil her loins are as red as the flames she breathesOpium on the ship journey to misty EnglandLocked in an attic with alcoholic Gracecoming heart to heart with h

In short incoherent overpraised rubbish I have read my share of classics over the years Some of them were boring, some outside the area of my interest, but never had I come across one that was so dreadfully bad and at the same time so critically acclaimed.
I simply can t comprehend how this jumble of disjointed sentences can be seriously called a masterpiece The story was almost impossible to follow Had I not read Jane Eyre, I d be lost in this book completely The characters motivations and even actions were hard to understand, their personalities were non existent And apparently, Bertha went mad because Rochester didn t give her enough loving and cheated on her with a servant girl once Awful beyond belief.
Reading challenge 27, 1 of 2.
Beware of a few Jane Eyre spoilers if you ve managed to live your life so far without a reading it, or b knowing what happens.
One thing that really gets on my nerves is when an author writes a book about another author s story character whatever and you cannot understand or appreciate what you are being given unless you read the first author s work Now, I have read Jane Eyre many times, but If I hadn t I would have been clueless as to what Rhys was babbling on about here For me, this book really demonstrates that the 1001 books You Must read Before You Die list really does not mean The 1001 Best books Ever And I do appreciate the original idea behind Jean Rhys novel The mad woman in Mr Rochester s attic had a story to tell, it has long bothered feminists and other critics how this character was portrayed in Jane Eyre because, at the end of the day, this mad woman w After Leaving Mr Mackenzie , was so terrific that I ordered twobooks by Jean Rhys to read Good Morning, Midnight , will be next to read Wide Sargasso Sea , was Rhys most famous book quoted as a masterpiecebringing the fascinating character Antoinette Cosway from Charlotte Bront s Jane Eyre , out of the dark atticand putting her center stage I agree the entire concept for this book was brilliant fascinating and it worked What an incredible risk, Rhys made Truly was amazing Funny I had just recently read Mona, in Three Act , by Op de Beeck Griet and my complaint was it was 400 pages long This book, half its length had twice as much lasting power The introduction, by Edwidge Danticat put me in the right framework to plow ahead.
I became interested with what Danticat was fascinated with Edwidge Danticat had a Caribbean background, as Rhy I ve always been convinced I ve read Jane Eyre I ve even rated it here I also thought I had at some point in my life seen a film adaptation But the further I ventured into this retelling of Charlotte Bronte s novel theI found myself doubting the veracity of this assumption Finally, I had to own up to never having read Jane Eyre This came as a bit of a shock, as it always does when we discover we have invented a memory No doubt I once fibbed, not wanting to embarrass myself as being poorly read and the fib became a monument, a monument I ve even garnished with four starred flowers And if you ve never read Jane Eyre this novel is sometimes confusing It may even be confused It begins with Antoinette, a young Creole g Probably contains some spoilersOur garden was large and beautiful as that garden in the Bible the tree of life grew there But it had gone wild The paths were overgrown and a smell of dead flowers mixed with the fresh living smell Underneath the tree ferns, tall as forest trees, the light was green Orchids flourished out of reach or for some reason not to be touched One was snaky looking, another like an octopus with long thin brown tentacles bare of leaves hanging from a twisted rootJean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea I was curious to read this book as it was considered a sort of prequel to Jane Eyre So I guess this counts as fanfiction At least it s very well written fan fiction The writing style is of course different from Jane Eyre The depictions of the Caribbean are beautiful I Every once in a while, I stop to think about the neglected characters in various novels who exist only as plot devices What are their stories If you saw the novel through their eyes, what would it be like Therefore, ever since I heard the premise of Jean Rhys s novel, I was eager to read it Bertha, Mr Rochester s first wife, must have had a life other than as the madwoman in the attic I do not know if Charlotte Bronte ever thought about it, but Ms Rhys obviously did, and this compellingly readable novel is the product.
The language is beautifully evocative I could see the West Indies, even though I have never been there I could see, hear and smell the tropical countryside very much like my homeland , at once breathtakingly beautiful, compellingly seductive and strangely frightening like Antoinette Especially to the eyes of an Englishman whose green meadows and rolling fiel Prequel To Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Born Into An Oppressive, Colonialist Society, Creole Heiress Antoinette Cosway Meets A Young Englishman Who Is Drawn To Her Innocent Sensuality And Beauty, But Soon After Their Marriage, Rumors Of Madness In Her Family Poison His Mind Against Her He Forces Antoinette To Conform To His Rigid Victorian Ideals An epic romance made meek, singular, aromatic, ethereal, surreal A fresh little nugget of splendor, of much needed prose perfection This is gothic romance at its absolute height It s perhaps the best piece of fan fiction ever I say this as WSS is in actuality a side story formulated for the emblematic crazed woman smack in the middle of Jane Eyre But it takes a life of its own merging elements of brutal nature and brutal nurture both, to birth a spectacle like one I ve never experienced before Not short of magical, it s baffling how truly impactful these short novels really are Rhys gives us so much by giving us the absolute least Leaving the reader naturally to ask forThere are specks of Graham Greene the impeccable here as well as Toni Morrison the visionary SO the best of the best in the best.
To be read IMMEDIATELY Wide Sargasso Sea certainly a masterpi

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[ Pdf Wide Sargasso Sea Ë dungeons-and-dragons PDF ] by Jean Rhys Û pamyatnik.pro Jean Rhys originally Ella Gwendolen Rees Williams was a Caribbean novelist who wrote in the mid 20th century Her first four novels were published during the 1920s and 1930s, but it was not until the publication of Wide Sargasso Sea in 1966 that she emerged as a significant literary figure A prequel to Charlotte Bront s Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea won a prestigious WH Smith Literary Award i