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[ Read Online Savage Royals (Boys of Oak Park Prep, #1) Æ russian-federation PDF ] by Callie Rose ó Callie Rose is a new to me author and I ve got to say she had me hooked from the first chapter The editing is great, and the flow is on point This book centers around Talia a 16 y o who discovers has rich grandparents she never met Said grandparents whisk Talia away from Idaho she recently becamed orphaned when her father died to Cali where she is to attend an uber exclusive private H.
S From day one she is ridiculed, taunted, ostracized You name it, it was done to her Her main tormentors were the 4 princes Mason, Cole, Finn and Elijah They were the puppet masters pulling all the strings During her first semester at school is when the bullying was very prevalent It was a common everyday occurrence Talia was able to make a friend or 2 during this time so she wasn Rating Niet as I was not going to enjoy it to begin withI did not read Savage Royals entirely A bit now and there, the beginning, the middle and the end But I have read enough to tell you what is it about.
Talia s father is dead and she ends up at her utterly wealthy grandparents, that eagerly ship her to the nearest elite academy Because rich kids are extremely bias and narrow minded, she becomes very quickly the target of the worst jerks on the planet for to be honest absolutely no reason at all Think Paper Princess without the Royals or an ounce of goodness in the tormentors or anything redeemable Savage Royals is like every other bully RH romance out there, but an even darker version.
You think this is fiction But it isn t The characters are over the top but the JESUS I like need to talk about this I know bully romances have several specific plot lines they tend to follow, and this one did, but the ending still shocked me and elicited a full gasp It was TOUGH To be clear, I love my bully romances but for me, once the MC is in the group, she s in I don t like the insidious this was all to get you back view spoiler My two struggles were this 1 why the fuck were they so hateful of her There are some short set ups to explain previous family connections, her mom s descent into drugs and alcohol that could explain why they hate her, but we certainly don t find out in book 1.
2 I struggled with the ending It seems, of course, that they care too deeply about what s her face to actually do this to her, especially as several of them had some alone Okay, so here s where I m at with this one and all the other RH bully romances I love Bully Romances it s seems to be mine and many other people s favourite trope right now.
I love Reverse Harem, because, well WhyChoose BUTI am really struggling when both of these tropes are put together I wasn t quite sure what my issue was until I started to think about it When I was in high school, I was THE MOST socially awkward person ever, and I could barely handle one boyfriend, never mind 3 or 4AT THE SAME TIME I think what I m trying to say is that I have a little bit of a problem believing the whole RH scenario with high school aged kidsmy imagination can t seem to stretch that far.
I know that I will definitely continue to read bully romances, and I will absolutely carry on reading reverse harem booksbut not when they are mixed t meh.
Maybe I ll read the next one.
I hope the heros either redeem themselves PROPERLY or die Either way, I ll most likely be satisfied.

Savage Royals by Callie Rose.
This read is a Reverse Harem Bully Romance You will possibly run into triggers or this type of read might not be up your alley I assure you its definitely up mine I m what I would like to call a Bully Romance Junkie It s sometimes very hard to find a B.
R that really gets the grit of what I like Savage Royals passes with flying colors Savage Royals explains the book very well because they are just that Savage Royals Silver spoon in their mouth savages, everything I love and hate all wrapped into one Not actually royal in a monarch sense, but royal in a American too much money sense Talia is a amazing MC with a backbone, something I absolutely love She doesnt run around with a mouse like behavior No she has passion, strength, and a mind of her own You will defin okay i felt kind of annoyed at the mc Talia, she was so naive sometimes and to trusting and kind i wanted her to have a backbone and be savage and stand up for herself, rather than just obey them at the beginning cuz she didn t want any drama or so I liked that she was so passioned about ballet dancing , her strength laid there the guys where hot, but i felt like they where kind of meek and just plain, lol Her so called friend was not really there for her, i felt like she could have stood by her side even when she was friends with the guysomg that ending was just soo predictable, i knew it was coming The ending was exacly like how Filthy rich boys by cm stunich was ending The girl trusted the guys and she got humiliated for the whole school and her parents mean girl gang beat her up, what was the difference was that she got beat up before she got humiliated I expect Talia t This book is almost too similar to FRB I m holding on to judgment until book 2 Hopefully it goes in a different direction then BBB did Burberry Prep books by C.
M Stunich seriously awesome books btw Woahhh This is a hard core bully romance So many trigger warnings for abuse, drug alcohol usage, and Despite all this I found this story one I could not put down and I felt so much for Talia the MC The book starts off when she finds her father dead after working her 14 hour shift to support them and his drinking habit Before she gets placed into a foster home in Idaho she is informed she has grandparents out in California She boards a plane and believes the world of exclusive boarding schools, cute billionaire boys, and fancy cars will be her new life But she catches the attention of the Princes insert eye roll She is bullied non stop once they set their sights on her I don t know what it is about this genre of romance I seem to be devouring at the moment but this was a pretty dark bully RH The characters could have been a bit fleshed out but A Long Time Ago, I Was One Of Them Now I M Back, And They Hate Me For ItPlucked Out Of The Harsh Life I Was Living And Thrust Into A World Of Unimaginable Wealth, Power, And Privilege, All I Want To Do Is Keep My Head Down And Survive Until GraduationBut They Have Other Plans Mason, Finn, Elias, And ColeEveryone At My New School Calls Them The Princes, And That S Exactly What They Act Like They Always Get What They Want And Who They WantAnd They Want MeI M Not Sure Why, Since They All Seem To Hate MeThe Princes Are Gorgeous, Flawless, And Cruel They Own This Town, And They Re Determined To Own Me TooTo Break MeWhat They Don T Know Is That I Ve Already Been Broken OnceI Won T Let It Happen Again AUTHOR S NOTE Savage Royals Is A Reverse Harem High School Bully Romance, The First Book In The Boys Of Oak Park Prep Trilogy It Contains Cursing And Sexual Situations

Callie Rose

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