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á Read ↠´ New York September 11 by Magnum Photographers by David Halberstam ↠´ A well presented photographic journey through the momentous historical day showing all the tragedy and the resilience in a way that only photos can Real and terrible and yet with that glimpse of jope shining through the dark.
The Date, September , , Now Has A Certain Permanence, Graven On Ourcollective Memory, Like A Very Few Others December , , And November , , Dates Which Seem To Separate Yesterday From Today, And Then From Now They Become The Rarest Of Moments Ordinary People Will Forever Be Able To Tell You Where They Were And What They Were Doing When They First Heard The News, As If The Terrible Deed Had Happened To Them, Which In Some Ways It Did From The Introduction By David Halberstam By Now, The Story Of SeptemberHas Been Burned Into Our Collective Memory, But Few Have Seen New York From The Perspective Of Magnum Photographers Eleven Members Of The Legendary Photo Agency Immediately Dispersed From Their Monthly Meeting In New York As The Events Unfolded To Document The Incomprehensible Their Photographs, By Turns Haunting, Surreal, And Breathtaking, Are Collected Together In New York September , By Magnum Photographers , Compellingly Presented In This High Quality Edition From PowerHouse books From Their Various Vantage Points We Are Transported To Ground Zero To Witness The Destruction Of The World Trade Centre, The Buildings Implosion Which Sent Thousands Fleeing Through The Streets From Debris, Only To Return To The Scene In Quiet Observation And Respect For The Rescue Workers Whose Jobs Had Only Begun And Of The Mourners Who Had Been Gathering Struck With Grief I don t trust words, I trust picturesGilles PeressWhen you read this, remove all those 9 11 conspiracy theories in your head, remove all prejudices, this is one date that practically changed the whole world If I have to choose, the strongest picture in this collection would be the one by Susan Meiselas an eerie photograph of a lone sculpture covered in ashes and dust, accompanied by hundreds of papers around him Made you understand what frozen in time really means.
Beautifully documented, stark and respectful compilation of images probably the most ingrained, collectively There was also a small but powerful exhibition of select photographs from this book at the Smithsonian Institution s Arts Industries building in 2002 I was working next door at the Freer Sackler Gallery at the time, and used to visit it every day when I went for coffee Like the book, the exhibition was stark and understated few visitors even seemed to notice it Nor did they seem to notice the singed American flag, unceremoniously hanging within reach on the far wall It was actually recovered from the World Trade Center site So many people passed beneath it, rarely bothering to look up This book reminds me as much of that experience as it does of 9 11 itself And while it s certainly not a pleasant memory, The photographs say everything The book and the pictures move you to immediately and it felt like September 11 was just yesterday Just seeing the pictures can get me into teary eyes.
Got this book at a box sale It sat on a shelf and collected dust Why did I keep it I have no idea I decided that I didn t need it clutteringup my life any and I decided that I m going to give it to my library.
Someone might appreciate it better I was only 9, when it happened I had no idea and I had no connection I have never been to New York, and I have a different nationality, but I did feel just as vunerable The pictures are powerful and wrenching, it would probably mean so muchto someone who was actually there, maybe someone who lost a loved one.
September 11, a day forever changed.
The pictures really do an awesome job of telling the awful story of what happened that day My students weren t even born on this terrible day, and I believe they need books that capture the pain and memories in an appropriate way I m taking this to school tomorrow to share with them.

I had never seen many of these photos before Necessary documentation of an extraordinary day.
Photographies tend to express lots of things about real deep human emotions i.
e you can see them clearly in their facial expressions , it was an amusement to read this documentary book to some extent It contained mainly photos, witnesses , and some versions of how people lived these moments.
I was 04 when it happened , I was in my grandma s house , and I still do remember this day, I have clear visions and images of The tours , the planes, thr collapse, maybe it was the first time in my life I realised America existed XD D I have clear rootY souvenirs of that day 3

David Halberstam

á Read ↠´ New York September 11 by Magnum Photographers by David Halberstam ↠´ pamyatnik.pro David Halberstam was an American journalist and historian, known for his work on the Vietnam War, politics, history, the Civil Rights Movement, business, media, American culture, and later, sports journalism He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1964.Halberstam graduated from Harvard University with a degree in journalism in 1955 and started his career writing for the