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µ Omega Kidnapped (Bad Guys and Babies #1) Å Download by Ð S.C. Wynne I Ve Been Taken The Alpha, Jack, Who S Holding Me Captive Seems To Hate Me, Even As He Sends Me Lusty Glances My Dad Will Pay The Ransom There S No Question Of That I Ll Be Fine I Should Be FineIt S Been Days And Jack Keeps Promising Me I Ll Be Going Home Soon But Now Another Alpha Just Showed Up Because Something Has Gone Wrong This Other Alpha Wants Me DeadStrangely Enough, Jack Is Arguing With Him Jack Is Trying To Protect Me But I Barely Know Jack, And He S Not Going To Die For Me I Have One Chance Of Survival, And That S To RunI Sneak Out The Bathroom Window, And I Bolt For The Trees As If My Life Depends On It Because It Does 3.
5 s for me I liked this read well enough BUT there were so many things and other characters that just annoyed me Lets start with what I loved actually you may think I m a little warped but I really liked the beginning when Carter was being kept kidnapped and Jack was trying to keep him alive plus fight his feelings instinct to keep him safe I loved the back and forth banter between Carter and Jack and Carter trying to get himself out his of his abduction and manipulate Jack into letting him go or try and escape Jack fighting his feelings for Carter throughout their run from Corbin and his thugs was hilarious Not the run itself but the intimate moments between the two and I loved the pregnancy aspect too I liked the idea of the solar eclipse omegas What moved the I really enjoyed this story it started out a bit dark but when the action picked up so did the romance It was hot and sexy and sweet I m very picky about the mpreg I read and S.
c Wynne really hits all the right buttons for me I can t wait until the next book and Dylan s story.
SC Wynne is back with a new mpreg series, yay This series is still set within the world of her Bodyguards and Babies mpreg verse, but we re kinda now on the other side of the fence, with mob bosses, kidnapping, and ransom.
The blurb gives a nice little window into the first half of the story, but there is so much story than just a kidnapping and escape attempt Carter is an omega who discovers that the alpha who is holding him hostage might just also be his fated mate Jack, the alpha, must determine whether he should do his job or save the man he finds himself suddenly attracted to I don t want to say too much to give things away, but I really enjoyed this story It s a bit darker and serious what with the kidnapping and mob life going on in this book, and I really enjoyed i I love that we are on the other side of things in this world that S.
C Wynne had built This story definitely had me at the edge of my seat Carter and Jack couldn t deny fate These two after a lot of drama and angst are perfect together I love see how they develop their relationship through a very intense moment I can t wait for the next one.
5 Stars I always forget that I need to read of this author lucky me though, when I got an email saying this was a new release and I should read it immediately Ok so it didn t have those exact words but that s what I took it as The overall book was great, I loved the world that this was set in and the overall plot and layout of the story What I didn t love was the G4Y aspect of the book Which is pretty common for me actually I hated that Jack was always throwing about how he doesn t swing that way and then a hole is a hole no joke Anyways the G4Y theme always makes the mm story feel cheap to me Or maybe I haven t read an author that can truly pull it off in a way that isn t completely condescending and hypocritical at the same time Anyways that s just my opinion I know some of ladies and gents love Omega kidnapped was such a incredible nail biting story i was so hooked from page one to the very last The storyline for this amazing story has action intensity moving powerful meaningfull moments too At times with Carter s journey you are in the edge of your seat and excited to see what is going to happen from one page to the next Im so excited to see where this series takes us Great This is a good opening for a new series I m curious to see where the author is going to take this I can t wait 4.
25 starsThis was a really enjoyable, fast paced Mpreg story from S.
C Wynne It s set in the same world as her Bodyguards Babys books, but you don t need to have read them first as there is a preface and enough explanation of their world the rare solar eclipse omegas and their unique circumstances I was gripped from the start and I think I read the first 20% of this story without moving It starts out intense with Carter being held prisoner Jack is an interesting, complicated alpha He is intense, he is a killer, he is loyal, but he sees things in shades of gray as he struggles with his moral compass and his involvement in Carter s kidnapping He is also unpredictable While the attraction between them is strong, Carter doesn t forget who Jack is, even as his instincts are pulling at him to submit to the man who took him He is actually pretty level headed about the 4.
25 Stars If you re looking for a sweet, hot and fluffy mpreg Alpha Omega book, turn away now because while there s some sweetness and certainly some hotness, this is darker than other SC Wynne titles.
There s a bit of Stockholm Syndrome mixed with fated mates and gay for you tropes when Omega Carter Lewis finds himself attracted to the Alpha holding him captive after Carter was kidnapped by a mobster family to which Jack the Alpha owed a favor Jack is straight, but even if he tries, he can t deny his growing interest in Carter or the protectiveness Carter elicits in him, to the point that Jack is willing to do anything to keep Carter safe.
Jack was a bit of a twat at first He was so bitter and was awful to Carter, until t

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µ Omega Kidnapped (Bad Guys and Babies #1) Å Download by Ð S.C. Wynne S.C Wynne started writing m m in 2013 She s the 2018 Lambda Award winner for Gay Romance with her book Crashing Upwards She loves writing m m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven s Yes, apparently S.C Wynne is incredibly thirsty S.C Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle