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ë Read ê The Uncertain Scientist (Lost Planet #4) by K. Webster Ù The Uncertain Scientist by K Webster and Nicole Blanchard is book 4 in the Lost Planet Series This is the story of Grace and Sayer and Jareth I have read the other books so I do feel that added to my enjoyment of this book but I do think you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so Grace is a human who grew up and orphan and a loner But she fought for her education and became a scientist But now in her present time she has awake to learn she has been taken and impregnated Sayer is the father but he has a forbidden relationship with Jareth but he is drawn to his baby mommy This is a fantasy read with some hot scene.
KU readWe are on to book four, and this series keeps getting better and better The Uncertain Scientist, we have Sayer, and Jareth whom we have met in the other books and the last one got a glimpse of them being together However, this is not allowed in the community, so they are to keep quiet about their mating When it is found out Grace is pregnant with Sayer s baby, these two have no idea what will happen with their coupling Can they keep their love together and let it grow Alternatively, will it go away to keep the baby in a family I loved this one and am excited to see what happens next.
I Had Everything I Ever WantedI Was Brilliant, Successful, EsteemedAloneBut I Didn T Mind I Liked Being AloneUntil They Stole MeAnd I Wake Up, Captive, Pregnant With An Alien Baby And Still A VirginFor A Race Of Freaks Nearing Extinction, There Seems To Be Far, Far Too Many Of ThemEverywhere I Turn, One Of The Morts Or Their Human Mates Wants To Comfort Me, Make Me Feel Welcome And Safe But I Don T Want To Feel Welcome Or Safe I Want The Life They Stole From MeNone Of Them Pay Any Heed To My Angry Tirades, Least Of All The Father Of The Child I Carry There S No Doubt He Wants The Baby, But That Isn T All He WantsIn Fact, I M Beginning To Think If Some Of The Morts Had Their Way I D Never Be Alone Again 5 Giggles StarsI seriously love these Mortsand their aliensbut mostly the Morts.
AnywaysI have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about diving into the one, excited as all hell as well, but wary because of all that went down at the end of The Mad Lieutenant I knew how I wanted things to go, but as I am not the authors I had to cross my toes and trust that they would give me an amazing story no matter which path was takenand I absolutely love all that happened in this one It really was everything I d hoped it would be with a few twists and turns I didn t see coming at all, but has me dying to get my hands on the next book in the series ASAP Sayer, Jareth and Grace These three Grace is a spitfire I ll admit that at first I split between totally empathizing with her while wanting to shake some sense into h Oh my rekking this book, this series It s so rekking good and super rekking hot This is book 4 in the series This book is about Grace, a loner who awakens to find out she s not in her world and is pregnant with Sayer s baby But Sayer already has a mate named Jareth YES, it s a threesome type party This was my 1st alien book series and this couldn t have been a better pick to introduce me into this world I LOVE every story They have ALL been super funny, super HOT and just a great treat to devour But this book I think is my favorite The alien sexiness in this book is rekking high, it s just freaking good Webster and Blanchard really have knocked it out the park with this series They deliver such a great fantasy that soon they ll have you craving being sent to plant Mort I truly hope they continue writing us stories, preferably of this The Uncertain Scientist is a beautifully unexpected and yet phenomenal journey of finding your place and basking in the love and hope and loyalty that pervades it Nothing can take the place of finding home That is the most precious discovery and yet it can also be the most elusive Above all we must fight for what we need, and this need is one that every person has whether they want to admit it or not Sometimes they need an extra hard push to see what is right in front of them, and sometimes they just need an extra tight hug to realize that you aren t going anywhere Use caution with those who are still searching for their forever home, but if you are that place for them be prepared to move heave and earth to show them what they refuse to see.
When Grace awakens from cryosleep, she discovers that someth If you following this series from the start, you might have the same question as mine Where is this mortuis really is When is this all happening in our time Why are these female aliens came to mortuis in all those pods Are there any others What will happen if there s no female What has happened all these years between all this mort before the females arrive This book answer from the previous booksI like the flow in every book How they change and grow with every couple How the authors answer the question slowly in each book More than that, I love the connection their characters create I can feel them bursting in each book And the steamy Hotdang for all the mort Too hot And in this book, feels triple hot The ending Simply this.
In our world, so many things are uncertain Our next meal The environment Predators Alie

Sayer is the Faction s linguistics specialist from the planet Mort Grace is a human that has awoken from her cryotube impregnated One problem thoughshe is still a virgin Sayer finds out the human on their ship has been implanted with his baby What s he to do when he also is involved on the DL with a fellow Mort with a very nice piercing, Jareth These two Aliens aren t Kevin s that s for sure Can they calm the infuriated Grace down Will they find a way to all get along and create a connection that works for all three This is book 4 in this Sexy Sci Fi Alien Romance Series about alpha aliens finding their mates Get Ready for some out of this world romance MM MFM told in Dual POV Two females are still in cryotubes and Commander Breccan, along with quite a few morts, believes it s time to take them out of stasis One of the women wakes up and she s pissed Not only isn t she where she s supposed to be she s pregnant Grace was supposed to be in a lab, studying samples, trying to find ways to cure diseases Now she s stuck on a space station with what she characterizes as freaks , the future mother of an alien baby She s angry, bitter, and understandably upset And yet the mort she s pregnant for couldn t be happier If only he can get his mate and this female to get on board with their new futureYou may be uncertain about a lot, sweet female, I say with a kiss to her lips But you never have to be uncertain with usJarethEvery book in the Lost Planet series is incredibly hot, however, The Uncertain S A Human Woman and Her Two Alien Mates 3.
5 StarsThe Uncertain Scientists , book 4 in The Lost Planet Series books aren t stand alones , all are interconnected and need to be read in the chronological order they were published.
After 3 very successful pairings , All Morts and their human mates are in agreement that the other women in the cryosleep should be awaken Let them know how their lives have drastically changed, since they were kidnap while sleeping and taken to Planet Mortuus.
Grace wakes up very cranky and confused No only she is surrounded by few 7 foot Albino Aliens, somehow she , a virgin , is now pregnant and her baby daddy have sharp claws, a forked tongue , pointy ears , is in love and mated with someone else.
Sayer and Jarred have broken Mortuus law and fallen in

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