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ì Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Í Download by ¸ Jerome K. Jerome What a brilliant book If you are looking to the perfect follow up to The Pickwick Papers this is your genre See what J the narrator , George the man with the orange red blazer , Harris and not to be forgotten Montncy the dog experience on their picnic, camping and boat trip on the River Thames through the English countryside If you know some places of the area described like me you see every step in full detail before your mental eye Those episodes are so funny that you have a broad grin upon your face in every chapter The episode with the cheese, the anglers lore with the trout, the failed opening of the can, bad weather and so on there are also some fine illustrations in the edition I read Every mishap possible seems to occur to our Pickwickian heroes here Splendid humour Or the episode when they came back to London you simply have to read that ep What a huge moron I was for not giving this book a chance And now, I just can t stop praising it So here it goes Three Men in a Boat is an amusing account of three friends Jerome whom I m in love with ,Harris and George and of course their dog Montncy while on a little boating expedition The three of them concur of being overworked and tired of the daily humdrum, are in a dire need of a vacation After weighing options of a country trip and a sea voyage they settle down on a boat ride to a secluded and peaceful place So, on a quiet Saturday they rent a boat from Kingston and while picking up George from his workplace they head out on a boating trip up to the River Thames Right from hiring the boat to scheduling itinerary the story further propels into a comical sketch of various boating and camping mishaps This is undoubtedly the wittiest and most entertaining book I A Comic Masterpiece That Has Never Been Out Of Print Since It Was First Published In , Jerome K Jerome S Three Men In A Boat Includes An Introduction And Notes By Jeremy Lewis In Penguin ClassicsMartyrs To Hypochondria And General Seediness, J And His Friends George And Harris Decide That A Jaunt Up The Thames Would Suit Them To A T But When They Set Off, They Can Hardly Predict The Troubles That Lie Ahead With Tow Ropes, Unreliable Weather Forecasts And Tins Of Pineapple Chunks Not To Mention The Devastation Left In The Wake Of J S Small Fox Terrier Montncy Three Men In A Boat Was An Instant Success When It Appeared In , And, With Its Benign Escapism, Authorial Discursions And Wonderful Evocation Of The Late Victorian Clerking Classes , It Hilariously Captured The Spirit Of Its AgeIn His Introduction, Jeremy Lewis Examines Jerome K Jerome S Life And Times, And The Changing World Of Victorian England He Depicts From The Rise Of A New Mass Culture Of Tabloids And Bestselling Novels To Crazes For Daytripping And Bicycling Three young gentlemen, and I use that word, very loosely , are desperate to get away from the fast pace tensions, of every day, 19th Century, London life the horror And go someplace else, they should have stayed put, indeed The men need a long rest, they re quite run down, but from what though The boys, don t actually work much, these hypochondriacs, I mean sick men, just want to have a little fun J Jerome , thinks he has every illness, in the book, and he s read it too, except housemaid s knee That J doesn t have, worries him immensely, so leave the city or the end is near, thinks the almost wise man The other members of this desperate, oddball trio, are J s friends, George and Harris , don t forget Montncy The liveliest of the group, he has four legs, is terribly short Okay Right from the beginning, it is a hilarious thing to read This book was written in 1889, and it is still too funny According to what I read, at first, it was going to be a travel guide, but that got lost among the humorous anecdotes that took over the whole book I thank you, Jerome, for that.
So, three men with a dog started talking about how ill they were, almost like a contest on who was in the worst shape ever And then, Jerome said his liver was out of order Without visiting any doctor, he affirmed that his liver was out of order How did he know that Because he read a patent liver pill circular, in which were detailed all the symptoms And that single thing was my first hypochondriacal is that a word laugh I mean, don t most people do that They feel unwell so they start l Updated in August, 2014I lost count of the number of times I read this book It was written in the late 19th century it is still hilarious The author attempted to write a travel guide on a Themes boat trip At this, he failed miserably In the book he switches the subject constantly telling somewhat related or completely unrelated stories most of them are really, really funny I always laugh out loud when I read his description of setting up a tent on a bad weather day, or the scene with George and Harris packing, or Harris performing comic songs just to give some examples.
What I found particularly interesting is that as I mentioned above we the people of 21st century still laugh at the same things which were funny in 19th century I am fairly sure everybody heard the following quoteI like work it fascinates Three Men in a Pastiche To Say Nothing of the Boat Three tourists A spicy meal The effects of a typhoon Picasso s masterpiece Random thoughts on helicopters The joys of being on landThree young men were waiting at the docks to be picked up by a ferry boat The first of these men is Ted, a man widely praised for his lust for action It is in his hands, his feet, his nose and other such things that the essence of his being lies He is said to be the only man who is able to actquickly than he thinks, regardless of the fact that he does the latter so swiftly that many seem to doubt he does any thinking at all This ability is most surprising in combination with his stubbornness to survive the whole business that is life with such bravado He s a decentralised affair that would send many great communists in a frenzy, with his left hand doing a complicated thing with a p What a quaint little book I had no idea this existed But I m definitely glad I could rectify that now.
The story is that of three friends, elderly gentlemen, who decide to journey up the Thames in a little boat together with the dog one of them owns The preparations for the trip are already very entertaining, but the trip itself is no less so Apart from them actually travelling for a bit, we are treated to various stops along the way I looked a few places up on a map and was delighted to see there are indeed so many interesting places along the river During the voyage as well as the stops, there are some reminiscences, childhood memories as well as later encounters, from all three All while they are stumbling about You might have guessed that not only do they encounter a bit of bad luck, their own helplessness and the fact

This book is a strange mix Part of it is of a particular kind of obvious humour Sort of like watching a very pompous looking person talking loudly into their cell phone and paying no attention to where they are going and therefore fails to notice the banana skin everyone else has been avoiding Bamm, down she goes, and hahaha, its just so funny, you have to laugh There are also amusing incidents with the fox terrier Montncy, whose chief pleasures in life seem to be fighting and hanging out with packs of street dogs One gets the impression that JKJ wouldn t at all mind being reincarnated as an immoral, street fighting, anarchic dog in the care of very liberal and approving owners The book is full of side stories, none of them particularly interesting and some of them absolutely dire Near the end was a highly romanticised account of a wo 3.
5 starsDigressive in style, meandering and episodic at worst, but bloody hilarious at the most awkward of moments 19th century Victorian England Witness three dunderheads mis adventurers gentlemen hypochondriacs, namely J.
, George, William Harris and a ferocious fox terrier named Montncy as they circumnavigate the River Thames on a boat Purpose of course, exploratory expedition How wonderful Isn t it Err, not until you encounter an awkward disaster of cataclysmic proportions such as fancying rainwater as a key ingredient at supper, then Bob s your uncle, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is servedRainwater is the chief article of diet at supper The bread is two thirds rainwater, the beefsteak pie is exceedingly rich in it, and the jam, and the butter, and the salt, and the coffee have all combined with it to make soupAnd

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ì Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Í Download by ¸ Jerome K. Jerome Jerome Klapka Jerome May 2, 1859 June 14, 1927 was an English author, best known for the humorous travelogue Three Men in a Boat.See