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á Read æ Bashed by Rick R. Reed ↠´ Three Haters Two Lovers And A Collision Course With TragedyWhen Donald And Mark Left The Brig That October Night, They Had No Idea Their Lives And Love Were About To Be Shattered By Fag Bashers, Intent On Pain, And Armed With Ridicule, Fists, And An Aluminum Baseball Bat The Cowardly Hate Crime Leaves One Half Of A Couple Alone And Haunted Literally And Figuratively By The Memories And Denied Promise Of New Love Bashed Charts The Course Of A Journey From Grief To Hope, From Death To Life, And From Hate To Redemption Come Along On A Trip That Encompasses Suspense, Horror, And Ultimately Romance Donald Griffiths is on his way home from a leather bar with his partner, Mark, late one night, when they are attacked by three youths wielding a baseball bat When he wakes up, he finds out that Mark has been murdered and he s totally lost, unable to even remember the attack, and unable to cope with life without Mark Later, seeing Mark walk into his hospital room shocks him, especially when Mark tells him that love never dies, but when Mark turns around to leave, and Donald sees that the back of his head is crushed, he screams and is forced to realize that Mark is really gone When his sister drops him off at his apartment once he s released from the hospital, he s shocked to find Mark there He discovers that as long as he doesn t touch Mark, it s safe to sit with him and talk to him, seeking solace in his lonely world It takes time, but he slowly comes to realize that Mark Rick R Reed stopped by On Top Down Under on July 17th as part of the Bashed Love Never Dies blog tour, with a guest post and a chance to win a signed copy of one of his books Check it out here .
Full review can be found at Bashed tells the story of a couple who are attacked solely because they are two men who love each other One survives but the other does not Donald is left battling the aftermath of the attack and losing the only man he s ever loved Mark, his late partner, starts making appearances to Donald after his death Is he there to protect Donald Or must the murder be solved before he can move on to the other side The answers are made known far into the book.
Then there s Walter, Donald s new neighbor, and Walter s sixteen year old nephew, Justin Walter wants Donald from the first time he lays eyes on him Justin has a secret that can tear them apart before they ever 4.
5 Stars for making me cry than once.
Why are people so mean Why is there such hatred and injustice and grief and pain in our world Why does it seem like some people make it through life so easily while others suffer horribly This story is about two men who have recently fallen in love and were just starting their lives together when they are viciously attackedjust because they are gay Donald is majorly injured and Mark is killed The story is about Donald learning to live again, learning to live without Mark and trying to understand why his life was singled out for such pain and sorrow You ache for him because his pain is so much than physical and we all fear it could happen to us too You want the bad guys to get caught and suffer I wanted them to suffer and I did NOT want Donald to forgive them I would not Bashed is a hard to read hate crime against a gay couple walking to their car after leaving a club Author Rick R Reed did a great job accounting the characters anxiety and fears of the tauting before the attack and the anticipation of what was to come next during the assult I was left feeling raw while reading the crime against main characters Mark and Donald As view spoiler Mark was left dead, hide spoiler This story is as hard to read as the title makes you think This does have a good ending Happy Depends on how you look at it A lot of bad does happen in this story, but good happens too If violence in stories bothers you, you shouldn t read this I did skip parts from the perpetrators POV because I didn t care what he thought I know why he hated gay men because he hated himself for thoughts he couldn t stop This fact comes out very early in the story.
This is a well written story with ghostly elements too I do recommend if you like very real and true to life stories.
originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews Did you ever start reading a book and then realize as you were reading it that you d already read it before That happened with this one I read the first edition a few years ago and it deeply troubled me at the time I m not sure what possessed me to request this book for a Flashback Friday review, but something did.
A warning This book is about a hate crime A gay bashing where one of the men is killed beaten to death in the street with a baseball bat Similar to Matthew Broderick s character in the movie Torch Song Trilogy and other portrayals of the violence perpetrated on gay men and women in the real world, this story reads as if it could actually have happened As a gay man, knowing how close to the surface hate is in many people, particularly in today s political climate, the story was chilling It is mad Rick Reed s Bashed is an amazingly compelling novel that depicts the brutality and aftermath of a horrific hate crime In the opening chapter we are introduced to Donald and Mark, an endearingly devoted gay couple who are just approaching the second year of their romantic relationship They are madly in love, and as they leave a leather bar together that love is confronted by unimaginable hatred They are violently attacked by a group of three young assailants weilding aluminum baseball bats, and young Mark is killed This is the beginning of the story From this point Reed takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride that surprises and frightens He not only explores the mind and emotions of Donald, the surviving victim, but also Ronny and Justin, two of the bashers I was in awe of Reed s ability to paint such clear pictures of his setting by describing seemingly minute My first thought after finishing this book was, Well that was really good, but how the heck am I going to review it Bashed is one of those books so full of churning emotion, that it almost defies description It deals with a range of topics such as hate, anger, violence, frustration, confusion, contrition, guilt, despair, grief, intolerance, bigotry, revenge and several different types of love The plot seems on one hand very simple, yet packs such an emotional punch that at times I could hardly bear to read it.
The book begins, horrifically, with a graphic description of a gay bashing that made me almost sick to my stomach to read and yet it was also terribly compelling One of the victims, Donald, wakes up two days later to find that his world has fallen apart with the death of his lover, Mark Whilst recovering from his injuries

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