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[ Pdf Lord of the Highlands ↠´ zen PDF ] by Veronica Wolff ↠´ Ms.
Wolff and I started out on a rocky path together I m a huge time travel fan, and though the time travel element of her first two books was good, there wasn t much I liked in them However, that path began to smooth out with Ms Wolff s third book, Warrior of the Highlands I m not sure exactly what it is that s changed things for me after reading that book, but whatever it that Ms Wolff is doing, it s working LotH is another job well done.
This time around the time travel aspect of the story is overshadowed by the hero and heroine Felicity knows her perfect mate is out there, she just has to keep looking What she finally decides is to put her love and happiness in the hands of a Tarot deck and let the cards fall where they may Rollo is a warrior to the core, knows he can never have in lif I liked the time travel premise of this story but events were somewhat predictable and the execution was kind of slow I had a hard time staying into the story and started skimming towards the end Felicity asks for her perfect mate, is thrown back to 1658 and found by highlander Will.

This was great I really liked our hero, Will Rollo Tortured and maimed by his older brother, Will always thought he wouldn t have a HEA but low and behold a woman appears as if from thin air He s seen this before with his friends wives and knows instantly that she is from the future The push and pull Felicity is instantly smitten and Will is intrigued but holding back between them is great fun Will wants so much to believe Felicity really wants HIM and not just any Highlander He also knows there is great danger from his brother and witch hunters so he tries to keep from loving her.
This is a really good story and you instantly feel sorry for Will and hate his brother the evil creep Veronica Wolff s stories just get better and better Come on 5 I accidentally started reading this book I m very skeptical when it comes to romance books and whatnot So I started reading this not thinking I d like it but found myself at 4am on page 188 and completely in love with the book very cute story I love that the main character was based on a real life person though the story was fictional I think Veronica did an excelent job of writing a story and including true events.
I absolutely loved Will Rollo He made appearances in the other books and I was so happy that this was finally about him Felicity is a really fun and spunky character the story was amazing and be ready for some pretty hot love scenes I really loved this book The main character Felicity just made me smile I loved the relationship throughout the book and would love to see in this series Loved it I got this book as a gift and never would have guessed I could enjoy it as much as I did It was sweet, saucy, and funny and full of tension and tenderness One of my favorite romances.
An Online Dating Service May Have Pronounced Felicity Unmatchable But She S Determined And Destined To Find Her Perfect Mate All It Takes Is A Mystical Deck Of Tarot Cards And Suddenly She S In Th Century Scotland, Smitten By A Warrior Who Must Make A Daring Choice Send Felicity Back To Her Own Time, Or Endanger Both Their Lives beautifully written keeps you turning pages a must read

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[ Pdf Lord of the Highlands ↠´ zen PDF ] by Veronica Wolff ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Veronica Wolff is an award winning, bestselling author who likes monsters, fight scenes, and first kisses Sometimes all at the same time She lived everywhere from Texas, to Hawaii, to India, before finally settling in Northern California, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and a small menagerie of rescued pets She writes for both kids and adults in several genres, including Scottish hi