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[Jennifer Estep] ¼ Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ I ve given this series as much of my time as I could I was thoroughly intrigued by the ideas that Estep s stories held within their confines The first book was a wonderful read Even if some of her writing quirks were a little irritating I could ignore them for the characters, the story, and the otherwise wonderfully crafted prose And then I moved onto the second book and those quirks were prevalent as I read It s very repetitive, even obnoxious I ignored those things and continued reading and as it came to a close I was excited to see her FINALLY using her elemental powers Now, here we are with the third installment Estep still feels the need to remind us of things in that incredibly redundant style The Spider Okay, so I ve finished the series now and there s nothing to say except that the quality has remained, Gin is still badass but going kind of soft and heroic and I love Owen.
I only complaint is that Estep has this annoying habit of recaping things that she s never written about Particularly Donovan and Gin s relationship.
Imagine if you read a story like Water for Elephants where Jacob joins the circus, falls in love, marries and has children Then you read the sequel and Jacob starts off the narration by saying Since last week when we fell in love and married, my wife and I decided to call it quits after she found me in the asian brothel with my transvestite lover.
Well, damn, I kind of want to read that part You know, lik What Kind Of Assassin Works Pro Bono It S Hard To Be A Badass Assassin When A Giant Is Beating The Crap Out Of You Luckily, I Never Let Pride Get In The Way Of My Work My Current Mission Is Personal Annihilate Mab Monroe, The Fire Elemental Who Murdered My Family Which Means Protecting My Identity, Even If I Have To Conceal My Powerful Stone And Ice Magic When I Need It Most To The Public, I M Gin Blanco, Owner Of Ashland S Best Barbecue Joint To My Friends, I M The Spider, Retired Assassin I Still Do Favors On The Side Like Ridding A Vampire Friend Of Her Oversized Stalker Mab S Right Hand Goon Who Almost Got Me Dead With His Massive Fists At Least Irresistible Owen Grayson Is On My Side The Man Knows Too Much About Me, But I Ll Take My Chances Then There S Detective Bria Coolidge, One Of Ashland S Finest Until Recently, I Thought My Baby Sister Was Dead She Probably Thinks The Same About Me Little Does She Know, I M A Cold Blooded Killer Who Is About To Save Her Life 3.
5 Not as good as the previous one, but still great Ok, so Gin is still an assassin, she still kicks ass and she still has that great personality and humor that I love and most people hate This book was a bit annoying though cause the author kept writing the same thing over and over again I mean, I read about why Finn drinks that coffee at least 4 times just in this book I get that most people read this over time not in 2 days and they need to be reminded of stuff from time to time, but for me this was damn annoying Still, I love this series It is fun and so fast paced, it feels like a 200 page read I love Gin s sarcasm and that dark, dark humor And I m so damn glad that detective, Donoavn, left, I really didn t like the 18 05 2016 Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts over at BBB because we are bloodthirsty and love Gin s violent assassin waysI m just wondering how exactly I went from being the Spider to the Robin fucking Hood of the greater Ashland area Three months ago, I was killing people for money Lots of money Buckets of it Now, tell me a good sob story instead and I ll take care of all your problems for free Instead of stealing from the rich, I m stabbing them to death for the poorWith every book this series just gets better and betterThe favour Gin asked of Roslyn Phillips, the owner of the famed nightclub Northern Aggression, in the previous book has brought trouble for Roslyn in the form of Elliott Slater, the giant enforcer of Mab Monroe He is obsessed with Roslyn, and his obsession means bad news for everyone And Roslyn has come to 4.
5 stars Things are hotting up I m glad the detective s out and Owen Grayson is in a much healthier dynamic for our Gin Estep does have some catch phrases which in the first book especially I found quite annoying, but as I get further in the series, the they become a part of the charm of the book for now anyway I m even warming up to Finn, who up til now has been my least favourite of the main characters A very enjoyable dose of urban fantasy brain candy Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts at BBB.
This is what I was waiting for Getting so caught up in the book that I can t put it down Sure it took three books to get here but the important thing is that it did Because I would have been pissed otherwise I read for that feeling of being so high on the story that I crave the next page like a drug For that alone I usually give a 5 star rating However, I had to knock a star from Venom because of a few minor problems I know myself so I know that as the series progress and I get caught up in the world it ll stop being a problem I just won t notice it any so I ll mention these flaws now and be done with it I know I usually start with the good things but this time it ll be done backward because I want to get it out of my chest and then continue with the fangirling part of the review without a

Another great entry into the life and times of one Gin Blanco.
Good character development, nice setting up of future plots, relationship growth on both the romance and family front overall, a really fun book.
35 Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts over at BBB, because we are bloodthirsty and love Gin s violent assassin ways a direct quote from my buddy Jo Loved it much, much better than the previous 2 books Hope it keeps going in the same direction Now I am on my way to Ashville, literally, and have to jump on the road RTC soon, hopefully Sometimes there are tag lines in a TV show, book series or movie for a set of characters that really work and you look forward to seeing them or hearing them For Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn series it was There is always another secret and for Heroes it wasSave the Cheerleader Save the Worldand Highlander sThere can be only oneI wish I could say the Estep accomplishes this too but while she has a ton of repetition and things that could be tag linesk none of them are endearing to me and most of them just annoy me now.
For example Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy is actually one of the better ones Then there isGray eyes on violet or gold or blue insert arbitrary eye color of various character here And two up my the sleeves, two in my boots, and one at the small of my back.
referring to the locations of all of her Silverstone knives.
It is a littl

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