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[ Read Online No Colder Place ☆ young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by S.J. Rozan ☆ 3.
5 rounded down Solid, conventional mystery.
I m surprised to say that this is my second favorite of the series This is a Bill Smith book, and I found this quite subtle, yet so lovely I actually wrote that certain lines were elegiac I think what I liked best is despite the confusion that the principle characters felt which is the norm in private investigator books , I wasn t confused about how they were feeling or acting The previous book was often messy , and I didn t enjoy that This book had a greater sense of control I liked it so much that I started the fifth book without typing up my notes for interview.
Bill Smith Is Going Undercover Again As A Favor To An Old Friend Who Wants Him To Investigate Thievery On The Story Manhattan Site Of Crowell Construction S Latest ProjectHis Bricklaying Is A Little Rusty, But Passable As He Checks Out The Foreman Who S Under Suspicion A Crane Operator Has Disappeared Along With Some Heavy MachineryBut When A Well Orchestrated Riot Causes The Foreman S Accidental Death, Smith Plunges Into A Morass Of Bribery, Blackmail And Blood Looking For AnswersWith The Help Of His Chinese American Partner Lydia Chin, He Follows A Trail Of Twisted Loyalties, Old Fashioned Greed And Organized Crime To Its Heart Stopping ConclusionMurder With No End In Sight No Colder Place ExRozan, S.
J 4th Smith Chin bookWhen a Manhattan construction site is plagued by an escalating series of thefts and misfortunes, the contractors suspect that they ve been targeted by one of their own subcontractors employees Brought in to investigate, P.
I Bill Smith goes undercover on the site as a bricklayer a profession he hasn t practiced for than twenty years to try to uncover the truth about the suspect as well as the troubles on the job site With his sometime partner, Chinese American P.
I Lydia Chin, working as his inside contact, Smith finds himself in the midst of a much serious case a case that has escalated from fraud to murder, one that could reach through layers of corruption into the very depths of the underworld.
1997 Top read Truly excellent wonderful characters, great turn of phrase, strong sense of place I love this series.
I wasn t aware of this series until recently and I am really enjoying the books This one is different because it is told from Bill Smith s viewpoint instead of from Lydia Chin s.
I was in BN looking in the mystery section and someone recommended this series to me I was a little reluctant but after finishing 3 of the books in the series I skipped 2 and will go back I am really enjoying the series and the authors style of writing Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Great book Great continuation of the series I prefer the books from Lydia Chin s perspective, but I find it interesting that Rozan alternates between each book so far.

I enjoyed reading this book Will read of this series.
Wit, excellent characters and twisted plot lines mark this novel as a distinct reading pleasure Add to that a high level of writing skills, and you have another winner from Ms Rozan That the novel retains solid interest is testimony to its staying power.
Take two very different professional investigators, Bill Smith and Lydia Chin Insert them into a Manhattan building project to investigate theft It sounds simple on the surface, but there are circles within circles, and motivations that are only revealed as the story unfolds into murder and The cultural differences between the two investigators, their often bristly relationship, add texture and dimension There are than the overt dimensions to this novel, as the reader will learn from carefully structured scenes throughout the book They add to the richness of the reading There s no place colder than a construction site the chill that pulls the warmth from your bones while you re working, the wind that blows through steel and concrete carrying the ancient dampness of echoing caves.
I am livid Until the last 35 pages I felt this was a great book, one of the best books in the PI genre that I can remember At least a four star rating But then the author resorts to the tired, clich , theatrical ending that reminds me of the badly dated noir movies of the 1950s S.
J Rozan s No Colder Place 1997 won the Anthony Award for the best novel in 1998 I wholeheartedly agree provided we remove the last 35 pages of the book Why is the author who is clearly capable of speaking with an original voice determined to end most of her novels with a stock style of denouement Why is the author defacing her great work The act

S.J. Rozan

[ Read Online No Colder Place ☆ young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by S.J. Rozan ☆ pamyatnik.pro SJ Rozan, a native New Yorker, is the author of the Bill Smith and Lydia Chin detective series as well as several stand alone novels She has won the the Edgar, Nero, Macavity, Shamus and Anthony awards for Best Novel and the Edgar award for Best Short Story She is a former Mystery Writers of America National Board member, a current Sisters in Crime National Board member, and President of the Pri