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[ Pdf Hey, Shorty! â cartography PDF ] by Joanne Smith Á If you re looking for a book on how to talk to your preteen teen girl about violence and harassment in school, this is not the book for you If you re looking for a book on how one specific group Girls for Gender Equity worked to address these issues in the NYC public school system, then read this An engaging read on how the group worked to do this, involved NYC public school students, trained these students to conduct a Participatory Action Research study on the normalization of sexual harassment, and tried to force NYC s school system to actually follow its own Title IX requirement Before reading this, I didn t know that NY had an actual anti bullying law.
Difficulties concentrating in school, shame, depression, guilt, fear, low self esteem, poor body image, and powerlessness are just some of the repercussions that victims of sexual harassment at school experience, according to research conducted by Girls for Gender Equity GGE This Brooklyn based nonprofit organization works to improve gender and race relations and socioeconomic conditions for the most vulnerable youth and communities of color Joanne N Smith, Mandy Van Deven, and Megan Huppuch of GGE have collaboratively written Hey, Shorty , which tells GGE s story, while providing a model for teens to teach their peers what constitutes sexual harassment and how to prevent it The book also gives activists, educators, parents and students a hands on guide to combat sexua At Every Stage Of Education, Sexual Harassment Is Common, And Often Considered A Rite Of Passage For Young People It S Not Unusual For A Girl To Hear Hey, Shorty On A Daily Basis, As She Walks Down The Hall Or Comes Into The School Yard, Followed By A Sexual Innuendo, Insult, Come On, Or Assault But When Teenagers Are Asked Whether They Experience This In Their Own Lives, Most Of Them Say It S Not HappeningGirls For Gender Equity, A Nonprofit Organization Based In New York City, Has Developed A Model For Teens To Teach One Another About Sexual Harassment How Do You Define It How Does It Affect Your Self Esteem What Do You Do In Response Why Is It So Normalized In Schools, And How Can We As A Society Begin To Address These Causes Geared Toward Students, Parents, Teachers, Policy Makers, And Activists, This Book Is An Excellent Model For Building Awareness And Creating Change In Any Community Reading Hey Shorty A Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Public Schools and on the Streets is like drinking vitamin water for activists An immersion in how to community organizing, movement building, and feminist activism against sexual harassment, this book is the one we ve all been waiting for Written in easy to read language and clearly outlined, bullet point action steps, co authors Meghan Huppuch, Joanne N Smith, and Mandy Van Deven make the case for feminist activism in schools in ways that will make our non initiated colleagues understand that we need to act now.
As hard as it is for some educators and administrators to admit, all schools are sexual and sexualized spaces More specifically, when it comes to sexual harassment, all schools are spaces of power and submission, authority and silence.
Pervasive and destructive, sexual Though Title IX legally requires schools to prevent and address harassment, these resources are often missing or limited Many students face harassment and violence at school we are all familiar with tragic headlines announcing yet another student bullied to suicide Many other students face depression, falling grades, and lowered confidence Thankfully, there is hope In this slim, concise book, nonprofit organization Girls for Gender Equity inform readers about Title IX and recount their own struggles to see it enforced in New York public schools Hey, Shorty provides thorough information, helpful guides, and realistic advice for students, teachers, parents, and allies Along with learning some new things, I was impressed by the GGE s initiatives and stories Before reading this book I had thought Title IX only had to do with sports but it actually covers gender discrimination in schools period So that s the first new thing I learned but reading this entire book was quite an experience because actions I took for granted as part of going to high school could actually be considered sexual harassment I remember in 8th grade some guys used to throw pens at my chest to see if they would bounce off, I was a little hurt by this but also kinda flattered Which is twisted if you think about because that s just rude but I shrugged it off, no big deal According to Hey, Shorty that would be sexual harassment I think, overall, sexual harassment is a very tricky topic because for many teens it s just an accepted fact I laugh at some jokes that feature sexual innuendos and I ve gotten use Not so much a guide to combating sexual harassment in schools as a reportback from one organization s ten year campaign on the issue so far The book goes step by step through Girls for Gender Equity s empowerment based methods for identifying the problem, conducting participatory research, and implementing strategies for change on multiple levels Good stuff and glad to read such a detailed, philosophically grounded account of grassroots organizing based on community feedback and participation Not super relevant to my life work, but mad respect This book got a lot of traction on the feminist blogs I read, which is why I requested it form the library they had to special order it Check The Crunk Feminist Collective, Feministing and Tiger Beatdown here for detailed reviews.
Before I read this book I really didn t think about the definition of sexual harassment or that it affects grade school and high school children and not just adults People who harass others are acting in a way that communicates aggression, hostility and a desire for control They feel powerful by making someone, who they see as inferior, feel scared or uncomfortable And this happens to women, gay and lesbians, transgender and bisexuals The people who created and fought for the cause in the New York City schools are amazing I think back to my high school experience and there are some things I can definitely define as sexual harassment and I wish I had stood up for myself Someday when I can afford to I would like to donate to their cause.

Most of us think about sexual harassment in the context of the workplace and would be genuinely surprised to know just how prevalent it is in the world our teens and pre teens inhabit Of course, there are incidents so extreme, both in the media and on episodes of Law Order, that we sit up straight and feel the bile rise in our throats teachers taking advantage of students, gang rape in the bathroom of a local park But what about the pervasive, everyday climate of intimidation and pressure that exists in the hallways and locker rooms of our nation s middle schools and high schools And what does the tacit acceptance and or denial of this culture teach our children about how to interact with each other Is this how bullying gets so bad that children choose to drop out of school and deny themselves the opportunitie Hey, Shorty is an essential, much needed resource for students, teachers, parents, and any community member who wants teens to be safe at school and on the streets I m personally excited about it because in my book about street harassment, I note the need for books on the topic and here is one And I m also excited because the book comes from one of the groups I featured in my book, the New York City based organization Girls for Gender Equity GGE.
Hey, Shorty provides readers with two types of resource First, in the main portion of the book, Smith, Van Deven, and Huppuch take readers through the 10 year history and work of GGE and their efforts to create an organization that empowers teenage girls to address issues that impact them and also to have schools address the widespread issue of sexual harassment which, by the way, they are requ

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