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[ Pdf The Informationist (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #1) Ð figure-skating PDF ] by Taylor Stevens ë Overall, a bit weird, a bit different though engrossing The strategic part was with way too much emphasis And the emotional line rather crazyish You get employed by a guy 1 You run from him You screw lots of guys implied You screw some stranger somewhere on a business trip 2 You turn to guy 1 for help You use the guy 1 You manipulate the poor SOB 1 You love the 1 You get into a love triangle with the initial, brainy, 1 guy and another, hulkier, one 3 The poor brainy SOB 1 dies You go crazy over his death Take your revenge, scaring half the jungle Q Where is she Fuck if I know If we re lucky, she jumped overboard c You go to Morocco to rescrew the guy 2 Nice approach to replacement, huh What a downerThe timeline is also very thought inducing 1 Q Each o Bought this book because of the reviews and it s title Started and stopped couple times Vanessa character is one hard woman, learned somethings about Africa But overall story didn t much entertained me Parts were really slow and bloody As always money and how to deceive someone to get what they have.
I ve read The Informationist at least four times and just finished listening to the audio tape Let me take a moment here, Hillary Huber narrated the audio and did a fantastic job I might actually listen to The Bible being narrated if she was doing it Okay, back to the The Informationist,Vanessa Michael Munroe VMM burst out of the jungle, smuggled herself into the US even though she was born here and reinvented herself as an almost normal person A chameleon, she could take on the coloration of her surroundings It helped that she was a polymath, able to pick up a language within days VMM could also usually keep her demons inside She utilized this unusual skill set and became one who could find out almost anything about anyone or anywhere for high end clients VMM didn t work cheap, but even she was shocked and intrigued by an offer of millions to go back into Africa to find a missing girl The Informationist has one of the most daring and distinctive heroines I ve personally read about Vanessa Michael Monroe is practically a force of nature Her personality is hard to pin down, even if you know her very well, which few people do And she makes a very bad enemy While some characters might go to Africa to run away from their past or to define a new life for themselves, Monroe is the opposite She was born in Africa and raised there Although she is Caucasian American descent, Africa flows in her veins and helped to make her who she was, and not all in good ways Monroe doesn t let fear define her, instead she walks in defiance of it Being afraid is not her problem It s the rage and anger she keeps under lock and key She struggles against I m reviewing the audiobook version and although I threatened during the experience to tear my stereo from my car, I am happy to report that it is still intact within its housing.
What would push a gentle person such as myself toward such automotively destructive fantasies a commuting in general b an author who uses the same descriptive phrase for every character s posture while sitting over, and over, and over again WTF Where s the editor How many times can a person sit with their forearms or elbows on their legs or knees Why do they all do it Why is it even worth talking about or mentioning if they all do it The saving grace s orWhy I don t need to go to stereo repair a The main character is female and she kicks ass very cool b She is crazy, but her psychoses are no Absolutely absorbing thriller At times, Michael s character is just ludicrous in her abilities but that s okay This was still one of the most enjoyable books I ve read this year Dark, violent, kind of sexy That s what s up.
Vanessa Michael Munroe Deals In Information Expensive Information Working For Corporations, Heads Of State, Private Clients, And Anyone Else Who Can Pay For Her Unique Brand Of Expertise Born To Missionary Parents In Lawless Central Africa, Munroe Took Up With An Infamous Gunrunner And His Mercenary Crew When She Was Just Fourteen As His Prot G , She Earned The Respect Of The Jungle S Most Dangerous Men, Cultivating Her Own Reputation For Years Until Something Sent Her Running After Almost A Decade Building A New Life And Lucrative Career From Her Home Base In Dallas, She S Never Looked Back Until Now She s a tool A weapon Like Jason Bourne or James Bond Able to blend into her surroundings She speaks 22 languages, and she s damn near deadly with a knife And she s androgynous She s Vanessa Michael Munroe Or Michael for short.
Revenge might as well be her middle name, though She reminded me of Lisbeth Salander with the way rage completely consumed her And yet she still managed to show some heart, or at least her slightly abbreviated version of it Emotions seemed to fill her, consume her, even as she struck out at the imperfections of this world.
Her ability to seek out, consume, and process information rapidly helped explain the title Even when she was just traversing through a particular area, it felt as though her brain worked at a higher level than everyone else around her Almost like a game of dominoes where she already had the perfe I can t say that I liked it I thought that it was boring, over written, and unbelievable to the point of being silly To be honest, I couldn t even enjoy it on the level of fantasy or escapism.
It reminded me of your standard, second rate, mildly ridiculous gun for hire novel only this time written with a tormented female lead, instead of a tormented male lead I m guessing that one is supposed to like the book largely because of the gender switch If you enjoy silly, poorly written fantasy novels where jaded men with super macho abilities struggle with their demons, while beating the corrupt bad guys but you ve wanted to see a woman in the lead role instead of a man well, this might be the book for you For me, though, the gender switch didn t really add anything terribly This is the worst book ever The writing is boring, the plot is brain dead dumb, and the character Vanessa Michael Munroe is the stupidest genius I ve run across since the biker Eric Von Zipper in the Beach Blanket Bingo movies starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello Munroe, the main character, unfortunately, is the dumbest one of all No one is SUPPOSED to be dumb in The Informationist This is supposedly a serious thriller Really Really This novel is such a stinking piece of dung Can anyone do a phrase count on how often Munroe thought, she fought down the urge to cut his throat What a douchebag moron Her focus IS rather amazing However, if you notice a person thinks only one thought, and that one thought is to cut everyone s throat, would you be thinking she

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