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↠´ Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas ↠´ Download by º Machado de Assis a sick chicken and the voluptuousness of miserywe read an author and wonder how is it possible that this genius is not known yes, only a species as cretinous as ours could ignore machado along with carpentier and mutis, he takes the top what the fuck spot here are three reasons machado must be read, must not be forgotten 1 as karen pointed out below 18fucking80 yup madman machado wrote a modernist masterpiece way back when joyce and woolf they don t have shit on machado nothing in this hysterical and darkdarkdark nuthouse you get the narrator s crazy drawings i ripped out the pages and stuck em on the wall next to my desk , made up words, demented philosophical systems, aphorisms, chapters that describe their own uselessness, chapters asking to be inserted within the text of other chapters, and wonderful sections in which the narrator commands us to disregard the t The reader, like his fellows, doubtless prefers action to reflection, and doubtless he is wholly in the right So we shall get to it However, I must advise that this book is written leisurely, with the leisureliness of a man no longer troubled by the flight of time that is a work supinely philosophical, but of a philosophy wanting in uniformity, now austere, now playful, a thing that neither edifies nor destroys, neither inflames nor chills, and that is at onceof a pastime and less than a preachment TheI read, theI come to understand that the trait I admire most in authors is not so much a matter of elegant prose, complex plots, characters that leap off the pages and make their home in your heads when the last page has been turned and the story has ended Those are all very entertaining in their own right,

Do not mourn the dead They know what they are doing Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the StarWith those lines, Lispector might have introduced this novel by her countryman Told from the other side of the grave, we learn of the narrator s small successes and small failures, ultimately balanced in the totality of things Braz Cubas, the narrator, provides his autobiography, and his philosophy, with a gentle humor in a novel which anticipates the best of meta fiction, breaking with a Romantic literary tradition in South America and leaping into a Realism that feels contemporary.
Come, my great lecher, the voluptuousness of extinction awaits you Braz Cubas describes his romances and political aspirations with a detachment The sharp and judicial eye of public opinion loses its power as soon as we enter the te this book is written with apathy, with the apathy of a man now freed of the brevity of the century, a supinely philosophical work, of an unequal philosophy, now austere, now playful, something that neither builds nor destroys, neither inflames nor cools, and, yet, it isthan a pastime and less than an apostolate.
My Goodreads morning started on an emotional note today I logged in and found a book recommendation by Ali, friendly comments from Dolors and Dustin, the surprised mention of my name in Manny s review and lovely messages in the inbox Whatcould I have asked for The update feed however, presented a different and grim story altogether A chilling reminder about the unfavorable direction this site is heading towards A site which is of, by and for the readers Good readers, Great readers, readers without wh O defunto Braz Cubas conta toda sua vida desde o seu nascimento at a sua morte num estilo inovador e in dito at ent o Conta seus as frustados com Marcela e Virg lia , conta sua tentativa de entrada na vida pol tica e a sua procura de dar sentido na sua vida enveredando na filosofia falida de Quincas Borba.
Um timo livro que adorei reler 3.
4 .
I would very much like to read this again in the afterlife preferably without the four cups of coffee galivanting through my nervous system Thank you very much.
A Publica O De Mem Rias P Stumas De Br S Cubas N O S Inaugura O Realismo No Brasil, Como Inicia A Etapa Mais Complexa Da Obra De Machado De Assis Com Ela, Aprofunda Se A Sua An Lise Da Realidade E Refina Se A Sua Linguagem, Sendo Considerada A Obra Que Prenuncia Algumas T Cnicas Da Literatura Moderna I wrote it with a playful pen and melancholy ink and it isn t hard to foresee what can come out of that marriage I might add that serious people will find some semblance of a normal novel, while frivolous people won t find their usual one here There it stands, deprived of the esteem of the serious and the love of the frivolous, the two main pillars of opinion Although The Posthumous Memoirs of Br s Cubas are written in a very frolicsome manner the book is abundant in precise and deep observations of human nature So the novel may even be considered as an earthy parable of existence I had a passion for ballyhoo, the limelight, fireworks More modest people will censure me perhaps for this defect I m confident, however, that clever people will recognize this talent of mine So my idea had two faces, like a m

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↠´ Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas ↠´ Download by º Machado de Assis Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, often known as Machado de Assis, Machado, or Bruxo do Cosme Velho, June 21, 1839, Rio de Janeiro September 29, 1908, Rio de Janeiro was a Brazilian novelist, poet, playwright and short story writer He is widely regarded as the most important writer of Brazilian literature However, he did not gain widespread popularity outside Brazil in his own lifetime.Machado s