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ó The Second Mark : Courage, Corruption, and the Battle for Olympic Gold ✓ Download by × Joy Goodwin I ve been a fan of figure skating since childhood But it wasn t until I read this book that I developed a real appreciation and understanding for those skaters that make it to the pinnacle of their sport.
And also a real perspective, cynicism and downright disapproval for the International Skating Union ISU and their games of politics, fraud and corruption that continues to mar this beautiful sport to its present day.
To say that Joy Goodwin takes an in depth look at the scandal that rocked the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, an event that has forever marred the legacy of those Games, is really only going skin deep in to what 2002 could have been and what the ISU and its own avarice tragically turned it into She starts from the beginning, from the infancy of the three pairs tea This book provides a breathtaking insight into the training regime of 3 world renowned pairs ice skating teams the Chinese, the Russian and Canadian, and the scandal that rocked the pairs competition at the 2002 Winter Games The book traces a course from the founding years of each teams training with some intermediate and historical details and then finally describes the lead up to, and inclusion of the teams rivalry at the 2002 Olympics The final part of the book describes the political underpinnings leading to final scores at the competition which lead to the eventual overhaul of the 6.
0 marking system When I read this book 9 years ago I was not really interested in the political motivations behind the results of this competition, and why they ended up as they did, nor in the overhaul of the marking system in figure skating Ins

The Second Mark Courage, Corruption, And The Battle For Olympic Gold by Joy Goodwin is an in depth look at the three pairs teams who medaled at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City It discusses the six skaters, and how all of their humble beginnings lead to Olympic greatness It also looks at the lives of their coaches and parents, to examine how their support systems were able to push the skaters and help them achieve their ultimate potential As the book progresses, it leads up to the Olympic event, the controversial results, and the judging scandal that followed.
It is fascinating to view this book in a historical context the Russian and Chinese teams were coming to their physical peak at a time when the political climates of their respective countries were turning on their hea This is the best skating book I have ever read I have been a figure skating aficionado for than a decade now and I have read and loved Christine Brennan s books but this one is far better I loved the fly on the wall approach to what is takes to be an Olympic quality pair skater I enjoyed learning about my favorite skaters and their vastly different lives I found the first few sections about the preparation interesting than the Salt Lake scandal aspect, however I enjoyed reading that part too This book is extremely well researched with first hand interviews from the skaters and their families I respect the author s decision to stay as true to the original spellings of Russian names and the proper order of Chinese names.
I give this book a 6.
0 I couldn t put it down I recommend it to every die hard skating fan out there I really enjoyed this book The 2002 Winter Olympics, pairs skating, French judge, corrupt voting, outrage and self righteousness my own memories of the events covered prior to my recent reading of The Second Mark Joy Goodwin s warm, respectful,informative summaries of the backgrounds of each of the six skaters and the paths by which these pairs came together within their own national contexts has made me appreciate and admire the unimaginable journey taken by these skaters, the three best pairs internationally in 2002 and by the coaches of international champions I ve learned about Chinese and Russian rural villagers pouring water on fields to create the rinks on which some of the skaters learned, ripples, snow, bone chattering c read this for Olympic Fever podcast s book club I thought it would be about the judging, corruption and development of the new scoring system though I suppose the book came out before that was fully developed It s really about the 3 pairs who medalled at the 2002 Olympics.
The pairs stories are fascinating, and they are so well written Judging doesn t really get talked about, beyond offhand comments by coaches, until over halfway through the book The scandal really doesn t come out until the end While the book is a great read, it doesn t quite deliver on its title I really wanted to better understand the judging during this time, and this book didn t provide that element There was opportunity to do so, but the book is really about the skaters It does a great job of explaining the different systems of skating around the world and is a fantastic bit of history.
Very interesting, in depth story about the Salt Lake City Olympic figure skating scandal, plus tons of other information about the sport Swiped from Holland America SS Rotterdam somewhere on the North Sea.
25 stars This was what I wanted from Christine Brennan s books.
It Was Billed As The Greatest Event In The History Of Pair Skating Three Of The Best Teams Of All Time Battling For Olympic Gold On One Night In Salt Lake City Technical Ability Was Approximately Equal It Was The Artistic Merit Score That Would Decide The Gold Medal The Second MarkRepresenting Canada, China, And Russia, The Three Pairs Illuminated Their Distinct Cultures On The Second Mark, Whose Culture Would Triumph Would It Be The Beauty Of The Russians Ballet On Ice, The Thrill Of The Chinese Pair S Heart Stopping Acrobatics, Or The Canadians Passionate Connection With The Audience In A Down To The Wire Nail Biter, The Difference Between Gold And Silver Came Down To The Vote Of A Single Judge Hours Later, A Bombshell The Confession Of A French Judge Unleashed A Worldwide Debate And Ultimately Produced An Unprecedented Duplicate Gold Medal The Second Mark Reveals What An Athlete Really Goes Through To Become The Best In The World, Through The Riveting Stories Of Unforgettable People We Meet Yelena Berezhnaya Of Russia, Who Survives Emergency Brain Surgery After A Near Fatal Training Accident And Makes It Back To The Olympics In Less Than Two Years We Meet Zhao Hongbo, A Young Boy Skating In Subzero Weather In Remotest China, Who Will Fulfill His Coach S Twenty Year Dream Of Catching Up To The West And We Meet Two Canadians, A Barista And A Concession Stand Worker, Who Had Almost Quit The Sport Before Deciding To Give It One Last Try And Becoming World ChampionsExhaustively Researched By A Skating Insider, The Second Mark Takes Readers Deep Into The World Of The Olympic Athlete, Illuminating The Fascinating Differences Between East And West From The Frozen Fields Of China To The Secret Corridors Of The Old Soviet Sports System, From A Tiny Farm Village In Remotest Quebec To The Judges Backstage World, The Second Mark Tells The Compelling Human Stories Behind One Of The Most Controversial Nights In Olympic History The Second Mark is one of my favorite sports related books With the 2002 Salt Lake City pairs figure skating controversy as a starting point, Goodwin explores the very different paths taken by the three medal winning pairs and their coaches to get to the Olympic podium and the aftermath of the events that took place While her profiles of the skaters are all worth reading, the sections about the Chinese skaters and Russian coach Tamara Moskvina are the strongest, in my opinion, and offer a wealth of material not usually available in shorter articles and interviews Her level of access to the skaters and others involved in their lives and in the scandal was truly impressive.
Readers whose main interest is the judging scandal and the investigation may come away disappointed, as these are not the main focus of the book not surprisingly, considering

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