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Trailer È Persepolis PDF by ↠´ Marjane Satrapi 4 stars So in an effort to diversify my reading aka read something other than romance for once I joined the Goodreads group Our Shared Shelf, a feminist book club run by Emma Watson With the recent political climate in the US, I wanted a way to expand my mind and find other readers to relate to I highly recommend this group, and while I amof a lurker than a discusser, it s a lot of fun and great to be surrounded by intelligent, like minded people Persepolis is a book this group read about a year ago, but when I saw it amongst the material the group read I knew immediately I wanted to read it When I was in college my World Literature class watched the movie I know, the movie and not the book sigh and I have been meaning to read it ever since On top of that I live in Los Angeles, a heavily Persian community and many of my real life friends are from Iran, so I was in A story about a very sweet lovable rebellious young girl from Iran.
No, sorry.
it s a story of a free family under tyrant rule.
A story of once great country,Kingdom that retreat 1000 years back.
Marjane has dreams.
Dreams of Good life, Good deed, equality, prospect, freedom.
Then came the revolution which call for all that To down the coup tyrant government.
But alas, the revolution got its own coup, named after a way better than this religion.
Why for me, as Egyptian all this political events feels so familiar Like having a Deja Vu One thing I learned here.
History has its means to keep repeating itself.
Anywhere it wish Yeah, we felt so25 Jan 2011, 30 June 2013and yet it was just for few day, And still it s from worse to wo The little red book cover to Persepolis , has been sketched in my mind for yearsas clearly as a mental visual of the Jack in the box logo I don t eat there but it s pretty hard to not have an immediate visual memory of what their basic logo looks like I ve no excuse for not reading this sooner I don t even have a resistance to worthy graphic memoirs So no excuse here I never saw the film either I don t think I need to share specifics about Marjane Satrapi s autobiography in its artistic form.
during the Islamic revolution when the Shah fled Iran in 1979 to escape There are thousands of reviewsBut I do have two things to share One is a personal experience The other is a detail in this book I was curious about that sent me to google I was in Iran in 1974 the good days my local Iranian friends tell me I actually ran into some trouble not an all out revolution , but it d They are among the rare books that I give a 5 which means a they will come with me wherever I gob I will read them again and again until I remember every single sentencec I will not lend them to people p.
Tita introduced me to these books I have been very interested on Iran and was even contemplating to read the autobiography of Farah Pahlavi, the Empress of Iran After repeated visits to the bookshop to flip the pages of this autobiography, I wasn t sure if I wanted to part with my money for the typical self indulgent autobiography.
So Persepolis immediately caught my interest and I wasn t disappointed.
The books tell an honest and poignant story of a well to do family during the political turmoil in Iran from the perspective of the little and, in book II, adult Marj Find all of my reviews at Of all the banned books I ve read over the years, THIS one might be the one that I really can t figure out a reason for banning There have been some selections that my children aren t quite old enough to read or fully understand, but they are still tiny humans In a couple of years I ll gladly let them peruse my bookshelves and read whatever all of the nutters tell them not to It was thinking of those nutters that left me shaking my head at the choice of banning Persepolis I mean, there s no sex, no drugs, no foul language it s simply a memoir of a girl who lived through the Islamic Revolution in Iran Generally when the whackjobs take a break from their cultlike book burnings they are all about sharing anything that points out how horrible the Middle East is I gue

Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi s autobiography in graphic novel form The first volume covers her childhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution until she left to study high school in Austria in order to get away from the war What can I say, it was original, sometime funny, sometimes heartbreaking One thing is certain, it won t leave you indifferent Recommended.
5 starsI went into Persepolis with all the ignorance of an European girl born in the 90s With all the ignorance of someone who sees war and conflict from afar, who is been used to being safe her whole life because war just doesn t happen around here Because we may send our soldiers to fight, but it s always somewhere else.
Things are changing I don t feel that safe any And in a time of fear and escalating paranoia, when people all around me murmur and whisper that they re all terrorists, they re all fundamentalists, they re all the same, blinded by ignorance and hatred, I feel the need to do something for my own ignorance To educate myself on all the things I still don t know about the world I didn t know a lot about the Islamic Revolution in Iran The history books I read at school and university do not seem to care about it very much it s al In life you ll meet a lot of jerks If they hurt you, tell yourself that it s because they re stupid That will help keep you from reacting to their cruelty Because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance Always keep your dignity and be true to yourselfAdvice to Marjane s from her grandmother Persepolis The Story of a Childhood , the first volume, is the intimate memoir of a spirited young girl who had to grow up in the chaos of a society under a stiffly ruled regime which was going through phases of unrest in the form of oppression, revolution, horrors of war and religious rigidity Marjane Satrapi was born in 1969, in Rasht, Iran and the country was going through a momentous political transition during that time Through bold and contrasting black and white inking and simple artwork the artist opens a window through wh Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution It was an eye opening, heartbreaking and thought provoking book I had many thoughts and feelings while reading, so much so that I had to put it down multiple times to take a breather.
I was in a haze for a very long time after finishing it and I kept questioning everything in my surroundings.
Here are some instances that made me put down the book and think for a while they contain spoilers Those final moments broke my heartHe never got to see his sonresonated with me deeply.
The relationships between the families, especially between Marji and her mother, also hit home for me.
There was one instance in particular that stayed with me when her mother was willing to sew posters i A New York Times Notable BookA Time Magazine Best Comix Of The Year A San Francisco Chronicle And Los Angeles Times Best SellerWise, Funny, And Heartbreaking, Persepolis Is Marjane Satrapi S Memoir Of Growing Up In Iran During The Islamic Revolution In Powerful Black And White Comic Strip Images, Satrapi Tells The Story Of Her Life In Tehran From Ages Six To Fourteen, Years That Saw The Overthrow Of The Shah S Regime, The Triumph Of The Islamic Revolution, And The Devastating Effects Of War With Iraq The Intelligent And Outspoken Only Child Of Committed Marxists And The Great Granddaughter Of One Of Iran S Last Emperors, Marjane Bears Witness To A Childhood Uniquely Entwined With The History Of Her Country Persepolis Paints An Unforgettable Portrait Of Daily Life In Iran And Of The Bewildering Contradictions Between Home Life And Public Life Marjane S Child S Eye View Of Dethroned Emperors, State Sanctioned Whippings, And Heroes Of The Revolution Allows Us To Learn As She Does The History Of This Fascinating Country And Of Her Own Extraordinary Family Intensely Personal, Profoundly Political, And Wholly original, Persepolis Is At Once A Story Of Growing Up And A Reminder Of The Human Cost Of War And Political Repression It Shows How We Carry On, With Laughter And Tears, In The Face Of Absurdity And, Finally, It Introduces Us To An Irresistible Little Girl With Whom We Cannot Help But Fall In Love

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Trailer È Persepolis PDF by ↠´ Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi Persian is an Iranian born French contemporary graphic novellist, illustrator, animated film director, and children s book author Apart from her native tongue Persian, she speaks English, Swedish, German, French and Italian.Satrapi grew up in Tehran in a family which was involved with communist and socialist movements in Iran prior to the Iranian Revolution She a