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ï The Secrets of Vesuvius ↠´ Download by ↠´ Caroline Lawrence I picked up this book because I love anything about ancient Rome and particularly like to read about Vesuvius Loved it It is juvenile fiction But very well written Story follows four young friends through a few days before the eruption and ends after Vesuvius erupts It include Pliny the elder trying to rescue friends and dying while attempting the rescue by ship in Stabiae.
I didn t like it as well as the first, even though, technically, it was probably better And a littleconsistent in tone grimness level whatever you d want to call it As the title suggests, it happens during a rather famous eruption of Vesuvius and anyone with some history knowledge is going to know that all will not go well with the character s vacation to Pompeii.
Two things made me not continue reading the series, though view spoiler One was that the ending had a rushed, or at least incomplete, feel Somehow the urgency around trying to save the people trapped in the eruption wasn t quite there and when the rescue attempt failed, the story just sort of petered out That they were doomed can be inferred, yes, but it felt weird that in universe, people didn tclearly react to that fact It gave it a oh noes, we must save them Oh well feel The other This book is okay in its way though there were one or two issues I had with it.
First of all is the relationship that develops between two characters view spoiler Now I know that a 14 year old girl marrying a much older man was nothing out of the ordinary back then, but to put this in a book where children are reading it Seriously What kind of message would it give to young girls Also there is no description about what they liked about each others, it was very flat and two dimensional, all that we re told is that there was love in their eyes when they looked at each other.
There is nothing to suggest that they are suitable as a couple, it s not very well done at all, it s like Lawrence maybe decided this girl is so boring that I ll spice it up a bit by giving her a much older lover.
Mind you the girl in question is so boring, pathetic I was very excited when I discovered Caroline Lawrence because in my view she is the Robert Harris of children s fiction and Robert Harris is one of my favourite authors There are certainly similarities in the quality of writing and underpinning depth of knowledge which is evident in Lawrence s The Secrets of Vesuvius and Harris s Pompeii.
The Secrets of Vesuvius is a beautifully written book, full of interesting vocabulary, both English and Latin Lawrence manages to effortlessly develop her characters, particularly Flavia and her three friends, and she achieves this in such a subtle and interesting way For example to Lawrence her character Nubia didn t simply like swimming and come from Africa, she had grown up in the African desert, where It didn t really have a good story and it had strange characters

Author, editor, publisher, audience fail The lack of narrative voice about females marrying at 14 to 30 year old at least men was appalling for modern fiction to today s young kids, who I find are being referred these baldly violent and child marriage and affluence filled books at age 8 That irresponsible lack of rising to a teachable gender history moment is just one failure The other dimensions of failure include, but are not limited to, the intense and regular episodes of violence graphically described in some gratuitously vivid, and regrettably key to mystery, plot points in book 1, a flaw in children s late fiction being inappropriately escalated as murder mysteries, and inhistorically relevant, but not reflected upon, points in book 2 , the mawkishly inauthentic characterizations, and flimflam treatment of religion I was initially nervous that the inclusion of real, famous Romans like Pliny would not work, however Lawrence does an extraordinary job of merging fact and fiction I loved how little facts and words Pliny spoke were weaved in I learnt a huge amount and I also was inspired to go off and research loads of different things about Roman life and the eruption I can see beginnings of character development forming which will hopefully develop over the series as we find outabout their pasts In particular I thought we learnt a lot about Lupus s personality and at one point I could really understand and empathize with all his frustration and anger at the world Lawrence also developed the faith storyline and this was well balanced with showing the Roman s beliefs, which was ve I thought that this book is filled with action and is informative about the setting of the Bay of Naples The book at the start was very laid back with the children enjoying their lives, feasting and playing on the beach I found Pliny as an interesting character, as an admiral of the royal fleet and caring to children I also found out that a large population of that time were slaves, and they were apparently everywhere It was in fact normal to have a slave lying around and doing most of the duties for you When Vesuvius erupted, it seemed extremely scary It was at very different intensities in various settings I found it amazing that Vulcan rowed his boat all the way to the center of the waterbody separating the fleet and the foot of the mountain even though Vulcan was badly injured and This second book is not my favourite But its okay.
Flavia, Jonathan, Lupus, And Nubia Friends And Detectives Sail To The Bay Of Naples To Spend The Summer With Flavia S Uncle, Who Lives Near Pompeii There They Uncover A Riddle That May Lead Them To Great Treasure Meanwhile, Tremors Shake The Ground, Animals Behave Strangely, And People Dream Of Impending Doom One Of The Worst Natural Disasters Of All Time Is About To Happen The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius

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ï The Secrets of Vesuvius ↠´ Download by ↠´ Caroline Lawrence Caroline Lawrence won a scholarship to Cambridge to read Classical Archaeology, then did a degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies at University College London She now lives in London with her English husband and teaches Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Art and French to children.Series