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✓ Pieces of Light (Dinah Harris Mysteries #3) ↠´ Download by Å Julie Cave From the Press Release of Pieces of Light From Rage to RedemptionWhat if your spiritual authority abused you How could you accept the love of God when His earthly representative only brought you pain and shame Just how long could you contain your rage In Pieces of Light, detective Dinah Harris hunts down a serial bomber targeting religious icons and buildings It becomes clear early on that the bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a new world order of secular humanism Can someone so intent on ridding the world of God experience redemption Will his darkened soul search for pieces of light Pieces of Light is the third book in Julie Cave s Dinah Harris series The two previous books, Deadly Disclosures and The Shadowed Mind reveal the amazing grace of God while showcasing a world losing sight of Hi Well, it s 2 books for the price of one You ll get a who dunnit mystery suspense novel along with a well thought out apologetics novel all in one story I guess the question is do you like both packed into one This is my first Dinah Harris mystery novel by Julie Cave The character of Dinah Harris is a former FBI agent having been released from the FBI because of her alcoholic issues that resulted after the loss of her husband and son in a car accident Dinah is a character who has come a long way in her healing from those days, but she is still learning how to deal and how to live out her new faith This storyline is truly intriguing someone is bombing local churches and Dinah is called in by her former partner, who still believes in her, as a consultant on the case I love the way the author uses the present Detective Dinah Harris Hunts Down A Serial Bomber Targeting Religious Icons And Buildings The Bomber Is On A Mission To Rid The City Of Religion And Establish A New World Order Can Someone So Intent On Ridding The World Of God Experience Redemption What Lies Behind His Hatred Of God Will His Darkened Soul Search For Pieces Of Light The First Two books Of The Series, Deadly Disclosures And The Shadowed Mind Reveal The Amazing Grace Of God While Showcasing A World Losing Sight Of Him In Pieces Of Light, Cave S Continues Her Compelling Storylines Using Believable Characters And Realistic Situations To Identify The Importance Of Living Under The Authority Of The Bible Deliver A Biblical Worldview Perspective To Current Events Illustrate The Power Of Jesus S Sacrifice And Desire To Redeem Every Life Provide Believers A Resource Easy To Share With Skeptics While The Shadowed Mind is still my favorite of the series, Pieces of Light is a decent installment, drawing the reader along with two fairly good plotlines that intersect towards the end, a good cast of characters though I still find a few flat and or irritating The apologetics sections of this novel got on my nerves a little bit, but not as much as in Deadly Disclosures I m interested to see where this series is headed nextI honestly don t know how this was intended to be a trilogy as there seem to be quite a few loose ends Glad the author followed up with another so we can learn the ultimate fate of the characters.
Dit derde deel van de serie Dinah Harris zit goed in elkaar Ik kan zien dat Julie Cave weet hoe ze verhaallijnen moet beginnen en, ook erg belangrijk, hoe ze die tot een eind kan brengen Waar ik me tijdens dit boek soms aan ergerde, waren de lange monologen die, naast dat bijna niemand zo lang in z n eentje achter elkaar praat, ook nog eens t gelikt verwoord waren en dat de dader halverwege het boek al bij mij bekend was Een verrassend leuk detail is de ontmoeting tussen Dinah en Aaron en hoe dat tussen hen verloopt Wat ik ook sterk vond, is dat dit boek ook de vervelende dingen benoemd die in een kerkgemeenschap kan gebeuren, wanneer mensen geen gehoor geven aan de oproep van God om al je naasten lief te hebben Het is een soort opsteker voor ons om dat w l te doen Pieces of Light is a Christian suspense novel This book was the third in a series, but you don t need to read the previous novels to understand this onethough you ll probably like the ongoing characters better if you have Also, this one didn t spoil the mysteries in the previous novels.
The suspense was built nicely by having Dinah and the FBI try to stop the bomber before another church was bombed andpeople died There was also some suspense about how her relationship with the handsome guy would work out Though the bomber wasn t named from the beginning, the author wasn t trying very hard to hide whodunit There were only two possible suspects from the reader s point of view , and only one would connect the plot threads together.
Actually, the novel felt disjointed because there were A really enjoyable conclusion to the Dinah Harris series The evangelistic portions aren t as over written as they are in the other two, and the story is pretty engaging.

A serial bomber is on the loose in Washington, D.
C and he s targeting churches For 3 weeks in a row, a different church has been the victim of a car bomb parked nearby during their normal worship service Ex FBI Agent Dinah Harris is back in town, with former partner Agent now ASAC, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ferguson, and a newbie to the series, bomb specialist Aaron Sinclair Yes, this book starts out with a bang and keeps you spellbound throughout the whole novel While it may sound like any Christian fiction thriller novel on the market today, there is a big difference, and it makes the Dinah Harris series one of my favorites Author Julie Cave doesn t just write to entertain she weaves some very important themes and messages throughout her stories In Pieces of Light, the main topic is domestic abuse and child abuse How abuse as a child I ve heard it said that you can t keep a good girl down and that seems to be the case with Dinah Harris She is at it again in Pieces of Light, book three in the Dinah Harris Mystery series published by Master books When we last saw Dinah at the close of The Shadowed Mind, she had just wrapped up a case with detective Samson Cage, where they worked together to bring down a serial killer, who was intent on single handedly bringing his own brand of neo eugenic justice to bear on those he considered undesirable in the lower rungs of Washington D.
C s societal ladder As luck or fate would have it, the work of an expert profiler is never quite done and it is time to move on to a new case.
Since the time her career c Wow, this book was justwow So, this book was a littleintense than the other two I ve read so far, but I could still handle it The plot was so fun and I love watching Dinah grow as a Christian The apologetic conversations in this book were well argued, and overall, I just loved this book That said, there are a few things to watch out for One of the characters cuts themselves as an outlet for their anxiety, and there are a few church bombings that are semi graphically described Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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✓ Pieces of Light (Dinah Harris Mysteries #3) ↠´ Download by Å Julie Cave Julie Cave credits her parents for introducing her to books at a young age, which fostered an enduring passion for reading and writing As a child, her favourite authors were Enid Blyton and C.S Lewis and it wasn t long before she began copying them, writing short stories for anyone who would read them At fifteen, two things happened which would shape her future she heard a creation science spe